i did not write that post about doing surveys and making money! i don’t do online surveys, nor do i endorse them. obviously, i have been spammed or hacked and have every intention of contacting WordPress.

sorry for the nonsense!


gossip girl

yes, i know…i’m a little late to the party.  but i am obsessed.   
i’ve never wanted to be a wealthy, manipulative, gorgeous teenager so bad in my entire life.   
when the show first started i was like – oh HAIL no.  i am not watching a bunch of rich kids run around manhattan having sex and boozin-it-up.  but 5 years later the style network started showing reruns and one night i caught the beginning of the pilot episode and then recorded the next two episodes and here we are… i cannot get enough.  this show is fun.  i watch it on my ipad way past my bedtime – episode after episode, i’ll turn it on as soon as i get home from work while zoey destroys the house.  this morning, i propped the ipad up on a shelf in the bathroom and watched an episode while getting ready.  i even went home on my lunch break to catch an episode while chowing on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and tortilla chips.  it was so worth it. 
lucky for me, netflix has the first four seasons.  so…i’m booked up for a while.  leave a message after the beep.


{did ya see what i did there?}

ps.  who else is a fan??

winning. 9th place.

remember when i begged and pleaded every damn day for you to vote for me?

well, the end result was 9th place.  hooray!

since the contest, i’ve landed hundreds of contracts with thousand of companies and can now use my blog as my sole source of income.  i live in a big mansion with a nanny and a cook.  i’ll probably write a book on style and go on tour soon.  so…be on the look out for that. 


but look ————–> here’s my mini-feature and interview

and since you put in so much work to get me to 9th place, maybe you’d like to read it?  *blushes*

you can’t see me, but pretend i’m in a parade, on a float made of roses and candy and i’m princess-waving to my thousands of adoring fans. 

i am truly grateful.



there’s this “10 things about me” type chain post going around today so i thought i’d give it a whirl.  requirements:  post photo of myself {like i don’t have a million of those to choose from}, share 10 random things, then answer the 10 questions that mandy is dying to know about me.  me me me.  geez.

here goes…


ten things about me…

i’m going to cop-out and send you here, as i am not good at this…talking about myself thing.  {ha ha. HA.}

on to the questions!

1.  have you ever met someone famous?  yes.  heather locklear {at a tanning salon}, dane cook in the stairwell of a comedy club.  {i told him he was funny.  duh.}, kelly kapoor at a dirty projectors concert.  {read that post.}, and ronald macdonald.  i was like 5.  he loomed over me at what seemed like 10 feet tall and exclaimed in that silly clown voice, “we have the same color hair!”  i cried. 

2.  what is your happiest childhood memory?  celebrating christmas!  getting dressed up in a velvet-y dress, my mom curling my hair, running around grandma’s house with my cousins, opening presents, eating yummy food…

3.  favorite album of all time?  this is really hard!  august and everything after by counting crows {circa 1993.}  i love every. single. song. on that album.  and i know all the words.

4.  are you a salty or sweet lover?  salt

5.  what is your favorite guilty pleasure tv show or movie?  jerseylicious

6.  describe your favorite sandwich.  easy!  thinly sliced prosciutto ham with camembert cheese, fresh melon and arugula, served on a french baguette. 

7.  what was your first pet?  i vaguely remember {i was young} my dad having a giant sheep dog named duchess. 

8.  what is your biggest accomplishment thus far in life?  can i say my kids?  because they are amazing and being a parent is hard, in my book.  *pats self on back*  and mom, you were right.  about everything you ever said. 

9.  what is the first blog you started reading?  second skin style.  christina became one of  my really good “irl” friends.  sadly, she’s no longer blogging. 

10.  if you had to choose one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be?  strawberry shortcake!

there ya have it! 

…and today’s the last day to vote over at circle of mom’s!  if you wanna…click here.  xoxo

a little favor, please

i know, right?  two posts in one day.  who do i think i am?

well, zoey and taylor and i have a favor to ask…

you see, our little blog is in the running to be one of circle of moms top 25 fashion & beauty blogs!

sooooo…since it’s my birthday month and you probably don’t know what to get me, maybe you can just vote for bf+v once a day, every day until the 28th at 5 pm pst?  i mean, that sounds reasonable, right?

if not, i may have to send my goon, zoey…just look at that stink eye!  gangsta.

**please click here, scroll down until you find us {we’re currently at #49.  we can do better!}, then click the thumbs up icon!

{ps. as far as i know, you don’t have to register or belong or give your email address or anything…which is nice.}

hey, thanks for voting!!

checking in

to the 39 peeps who are still reading my neglected blog…thank you! 

i haven’t had any free time to devote to barefoot & vintage, as i have been absolutely swamped at work.    

here’s the skinny:  a few weeks ago, when i returned from florida, the guys i work for decided to switch financial firms.  and although that doesn’t mean much to most of you…it’s bananas.  basically, we are moving over 500 accounts from one firm to another.  new paperwork, stacks and stacks of forms, missing signatures, learning a new system, meeting new coworkers, getting acclimated to a different work environment, etc…i’ve worked overtime, i’ve worked saturdays…i’m pooped!  i come home from work and i feel unbelievably exhausted.  but i like the new digs, so there’s that.  oh and overtime is nice on the old paycheck.

in my “free-time”  (hahaha.  what’s that?)  we’re going to little league baseball games, researching baby items, starting our baby registry, planning the baby shower, and clearing out the 3rd bedroom for baby z.  it’s all so exciting! 

speaking of baby…i’m 24.5 weeks along.  my boobs are huge (sweeeet), my butt is getting quite plump (eeek) and it’s quite difficult to bend over (oye).  but overall, i really enjoying being pregnant!

i’d like to share photos from the FL trip, but until then…my life in photos:


workworkwork/puppy love/23 weeks/mother’s day breakfast

weekend recap

taylor had a baseball game on saturday.  it was sunny, but kinda cold.  my brain does not compute the need for sunscreen when it’s chilly outside.
ps.  i got a much-needed pedicure on sunday.  they were looking a bit gnarly.

ack!  seriously?!  my feelings on this. 
saturday shopping was a success!  we happened to be near a ross, so we decided to explore.  it’s always when you’re expecting nothing that you find something(s)…a white maxi dress with pretty eyelet detailing, a great pair of kenneth cole aviators, a nine west floppy straw hat, and a pair of navy blue palazzo pants (complete with elastic waist for my growing belly.)  daaaahling, is the yacht fueled and ready to go?  hee heeee!  we’re leaving for FL on wednesday.  i needed these things.  they screamed florida keys to me.

we got a new bissell carpet cleaner!!  
i had a serious mommy-to-be melt down a few weeks ago…
“this floor is filthy!  the dog is shedding all over everything!  i’m tired of living like this!  there is no way in hell i’m letting my brand new baby crawl around on this floor!  let’s rip up the carpet and install wood flooring!”  dramatic much?  i literally had tears streaming down my face.  MP and roscoe stared at me with horror in their eyes.  since wood flooring is not a feasible option, MP calmly suggested that we buy or rent a carpet cleaner.  a couple of weeks later…a new one arrived on our doorstep…thanks to his parents.  *big smile*  now MP we can shampoo the carpets anytime we want!    
ps.  the dirty water that came out of that machine confirmed that my irrational outburst was legit.  soot from the fireplace, dirt from our shoes, hair from the dog.  gross gross gross! 

other things:

*zoey elizabeth is winning, but zoey autumn is a very close second.  and remember, it’s PIERCE-SON, not PERSON.  vote here!
*i tried on bathing suits this weekend.  and then i cried. 
*i had a lovely lunch with my dear friend steph.  she’s pregnant too!  and due to pop in the next couple of weeks.  we had baskin robbins after lunch.  peer pressure from a pregnant friend  is a) worse than peer pressure from a regular friend and b) even worse when you’re pregnant, too.   
*i recently downloaded a bunch of really silly 90s movies to watch with taylor.  we watched problem child yesterday.  remember that movie?  with john ritter?  taylor loved it.   

how was your weekend?