fall is in the air and i’m diggin it.  august was great, but busy…i’m not all that sad to see it go.  taylor started 7th grade, we had a 1st bday party for miss zoey, my bff got married, we celebrated our first year of marriage and…here we are – 5 days into september. 


loving :: my husband.  i always love him, but lately he’s just been so good.  positive, fun, helpful, patient, amazing with the kids…he’s awesome. 

reading :: i started reading lolita last week, but decided to save it for another time.  now i’m reading miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children.  loving it, so far.

watching :: we’re really into master chef.  this season is almost over – only three chefs left.  i’m totally pulling for christine.  she’s quite an inspiration!

thinking about :: how zoey has gone from zero to sixty in a blink of an eye.  i need to take a breather.  dang. 

anticipating :: fall television!!  the new girl, revenge, american horror story, THE WALKING DEAD, grey’s anatomy…eeeeee!

listening to :: my pandora station.  i’m so blah about music these days, so uninspired.  it all sounds the same.  suggestions are welcome.  what are you listening to?

working on :: organizing + sprucing up our place – new decorations, new furniture, rearranging a room or two…i’m on a mission!

wishing ::  for cooler temps!

fall is like a clean slate for me.  much like starting a new school year – new pencils, new folders, new books, new clothing and shoes – i’m feeling organized and so inspired.  time to set some goals and do stuff!

zoey wren // 11 months old

this little girl is spectacular.

she flirts with boys and screams when she doesn’t get her way.

{not unlike most women i know.}

i cannot believe that in a month {minus one day} she will be a year old.



at 11 months she:  has started giving open-mouthed kisses, has two top teeth coming in, is aaaallllmost walking, is more interested in “table” food, says uh-oh a lot, loves looking up and saying “oooooo”, makes a surprise face, points at everything and says “this”, and loves to dance {by dance, i mean bounce up and down or rock back and forth to music.}  she’s pretty much the sweetest thing ever, albeit a little headstrong.  keeps us on our toes, that’s for sure!

crochet + denim

crochet top – marshalls // bralette – american apparel // skirt – nordstrom // bag – vintage // necklace – clydes rebirth // sandals + sunglasses – aldo

zoey and i are headed back to IL tomorrow.  deep breath.  normally i’d be pumped, but this time i’m a little stressed and apprehensive.  i’m terrified that zoey will be the child from hell.  that she’ll do that back arching thing the entire flight.  that she won’t sleep.  that peekaboo forest just won’t cut it.  terrified.

SO.  today i need you.  i need your advice, thoughts + tips for travelling alone with a little baby.  for example, what’s the best seat for us – aisle or window?  got any good app suggestions?  pull out the big guns, ladies.

{our red hair and blue eyes can only get us so far…}

okay, GO!

ps.  pleeeeease enter ashley’s giveaway.  please.  it ends today.  thank you, kindly.   

this little piggy

i’m driving.  taylor and zoey are in the backseat.  i overhear this:

taylor:  {wiggling zoey’s toes} this little piggy goes to paris, this little piggy goes to the market, this little piggy goes to rehab, this little piggy goes to the beach and this little piggy goes wee wee wee all the way to zoey’s head. 

i mean *shrug* maybe it’s time for an updated version.  just sayin…

oh sweet friday // vol 32

listen:  emeli sande – soulful and beautiful

look:  40 of the most powerful photos ever taken

enjoy:  beautycrunch.  you’re welcome.

follow:  me!  on pinterest.  i’m obsessed.  yes, i am a little late to the party.  and?

you guys…zoey has been trying to say her name!  “zuh zuh zuh”  so freaking cute.  and also ball, but it comes out as “dall” because she can’t do b’s yet. 

i mean, she kills me. 

happy weekending, friends!

weekend // via instagram

outfit by daddy

saturday morning chai

love love love

at t’s baseball game

tank – urban outfitters // skirt – nordstrom // purse – vintage coach
sunnies – kenneth cole

sandals – nordstrom

this silly girl puts her foot in the snack container…instead of her hand.

ordering in on saturday night.  because who wants to cook?!

sunday morning on the patio.  why yes, i am wearing flannel pajama bottoms!

within just a few short days, miss z has learned to clap, shake her head no-no, wave
and has finally started crawling forward.  hooray for my big girl!

more on this outfit tomorrow.  

we had such a great weekend!  hope yours was great, too.  

oh…two things…

1.  you can find me on instagram under aka_paige.  let’s be instapals!
2.  i have a new tumblr blog.  check it out!

zoey wren – 2 months

our little zoey…

*has grown out of {most of} her newborn clothing
*has taken a liking to her pacifier
*still won’t eat from a bottle
*loves her vibrating bouncy chair
*isn’t as fussy
*is putting herself to sleep {without mommy or daddy holding and rocking}
*smiles a lot
*is starting to make laugh-like sounds when i talk silly to her
*is drooling and blowing bubbles
and of course…hitting all the developmental milestones.

she’s still quite tiny, though!  weighing in at 9 lbs, 13 oz and 21 1/2 in long.  petite little thing, huh?

we are so smitten.  she is an absolute joy!

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