make a wish, my dear.

happy birthday, christina!!

**here we are in lake tahoe.  i’m wearing a vintage tshirt from archiveschicago on etsy!  thanks lisa, i love it!

christina, i hope you’re having the best birthday weekend ever!  (your present is in the mail…so be on the look out!)
darling, i can’t thank you enough for being such a great friend over the last several months.  we’ve only known each other a short time, but you’ve been there for me through some pretty tough shit…life changing decisions and whatnot.  i appreciate the long chats, the advice, and the laughs.  i know we’ll be friends for a long time.

fun things ahead, mama!



hey peeps, don’t forget…the mousevox/barefoot & vintage giveaway ends monday!

so if you haven’t already, head over to mousevox and enter.  (click the link, above.)

thanks for entering and GOOD LUCK!

xo, paige

new items and a promise

(click on photo sets to see a larger view)

sleeveless blouse – SOLD!
rose print blouse
red polka dot blouse

vintage gray skirt
cotton jumpsuit
teal and black floral print dress

new on tuesday!

new on wednesday!

surprise, surprise…new items in the shop.  come take a peek.

i hope everyone had a lovely weekend…I certainly had an amazing time on my little trip to nevada.  *big grin*

sorry to make this so short, but i’m trying to play catch up at work.  i promise to have more content this week.

thanks for sticking around while i focus on other things.



oh!  ps…don’t forget about the 20% OFF with code MOUSEVOX.
offer only good until the end of this month!!!

can’t stop won’t stop

new items in the shop, lovelies.

skirt – $24
skirt – $18
skirt – $16

tube dress/skirt – $26
skirt – $16

lace blouse – $28
lace vest – $26

i know i know i know…all i’m doing is plugging the shop these days, but i have to keep going…the fire i lit [under my booty] is roaring!

and when i start to get a little burnt out (inevitable), i’ll switch it up and start posting outfits again.  this is how i roll.  back and forth, up and down, all over the place…i wouldn’t have it any other way.

some people knit or bake to keep idle minds and hands busy…i just pile a bunch of shit on my plate and go to town…stressing myself out, but enjoying the feast anyway.  (well that’s kinda gross.  i pretty much just made it sound like i enjoy feasting on piles of shit.  not just feasting, but going to town. sorry for that mental picture.  i can assure you, i don’t do any feasting.  and really, that should go without saying.  awkward.)  sooooo…back to filling my plate with too much and loving it…i’ve come to the realization that this is just who i am!  lost sticky notes and all.

guess what??  i’m leaving this evening for my little vacation!!  couldn’t have planned it any better…perfect timing, really.  looking forward to getting out-of-town and having no worries or stresses or expectations or…anything!  just fun and laughs.

i can’t focus at all today…eeeeeeeep!  so freaking pumped.

okay, one thing before i go…thank you so much to all who have purchased an item (or items!) from barefoot & vintage, in the last week or two.  i can’t thank you enough for driving me even harder to make the shop more successful!

don’t forget about the 20% MOUSEVOX discount!!  take advantage while you can.  offer only good until the end of august.



on a roll….

i added these fabulous trousers to the shop last night!

off white, peach, navy blue

and this skirt was relisted and reduced…from $32 to $18!

more tomorrow.  lots more.

come on over to the shop and check out all the new additions!

and don’t forget the 20% discount with code MOUSEVOX.

ps.  i’m going out of town wednesday evening and won’t be returning until sunday.  aside from the shop updates, you probably won’t hear much from me.

i did however, want to leave you with this…

and btw…those are my freshly, self-cut bangs!  not bad, eh?  probably doesn’t look like much to you, but it was a big freaking deal to me!  although, now i’m kinda obsessed and i’ve been snipping here and there since friday afternoon.  (perfectionist at heart.)  it’s like that eyebrow plucking thing that some girls get into…they pluck so much, they end up with no eyebrows at all and have to draw them in!

i hope i don’t have to draw my bangs on my forehead…




new new new! an etsy update.

vintage 70s disco maxi dress
velvet and ruffles black vintage dress – SOLD!

vintage dark stripey day dress
80s body con dress
vintage albert nipon petites jumper dress – SOLD!

vintage mustard yellow crocheted shift dress – SOLD!
vintage 70s cranberry dots day dress
vintage 50s vicky vaughn peachy orange shirt dress – i wore this dress HERE! – SOLD!

happy sunday, friends!

i wanted to let you know that there are several new items in the shop this weekend…

i’ve provided links to the items that are currently for sale, so go check them out!

the other 7 pieces in this post will be added to the shop later today or this evening.

if you like an item, but it’s not available yet…  let me know!  i’d be more than happy to reserve it for you.

don’t forget about the discount i’m offering!

**offer only good until the end of august**

alright, sorry to make this so short, but i’m headed to the ventura swap meet and flea market!!  fingers crossed that i come across some good vintage finds!

later gators.



relisted & reduced – an etsy update.

1. vintage white eyelet sleeve day dress – relisted!
2. vintage taupe floral drop waist dress – relisted/reduced from $26 to $20!
80s cobalt blue day dress – relisted/reduced from $26 to $20!
80s nautical mini dress – relisted/reduced from $32 to $26!
5. 60s purple plaid mod mini dress – relisted!

just a little teaser of the new (relisted) items, recently added to the shop.

stay tuned!  there’s more to come.

and remember – 20% OFF WITH CODE “MOUSEVOX”!

follow me on twitter for instant etsy updates.

thanks for looking!



little. yellow. sticky.

something you should know about me…

i’m forgetful and absentminded and even though i make lists, i forget about them and often find yellow sticky notes stuck in random places.  in the pages of a book, on the floor of my car, in my wallet, stuck to the back of another list…

ultimately, this causes the opposite of organization.  i end up overwhelmed and unnecessarily stressed.

i stress myself out.  who does that?!  i do.

my point is this…

i need to set my priorities for the week and stick with it.  (no pun intended.)

as i mentioned before, taylor starts school in a few weeks and i like to keep him on a pretty strict schedule.  when we have a schedule, things run smoothly.  when things run smoothly, mommy is happy.

so something has to give…i can’t possibly bust my ass every day after work to get home, take photos, edit them, and write a post…all in between homework, dinner, going for a run, or any other necessary errands and house stuff.

i’m sure most of you can’t relate (to the kid thing) and that’s okay!  we all get busy though, with or without kids.  i’m not more busy because i have a little one, i just don’t have as many hours in the day for blogging and picture-taking.  pout.

all that being said, i may not have time to post daily outfits once school starts.  morgan said it’s okay.  she said maybe i can just do weekend outfit posts.  morgan also said that the stucco background is very fashion forward and that all the biggest fashion photographers and models should start using it as their background and name paige/barefoot & vintage as their inspiration.

okay, she didn’t say that last part.

but she did say this…

“stucco IS fashion.”
-morgan of morgan and lua.

morgan – please note that i moved to a different area of my “yard”.  the stucco has a more rustic feel, if you will.

i guess i’m just hoping (when i cut back) that i won’t lose any of you.  i’d like to think that my regular followers like me for me and not just because i have undeniably amazing style and wear like…the coolest, most sought after, vintage items. and i’m modest and down to earth to boot.

on the other hand (i’m about to name drop again),  merl calls me paige “false alarm” pitzer.  which simply means, i say all this now because i’m preparing everyone for worst case scenario.  in reality, i probably won’t stop posting every day and all of this will have been for nothing.

possibly just to keep you on your jeffrey campbell toes.

i think you get what i’m saying.  it’s more about me not stretching myself too thin.  after all, my blog/my shop is supposed to be my hobby.  the minute it starts feeling like a chore, is the minute i need to step away.

how do you juggle work, school, kids, husbands, boyfriends, friends, blogging, outfits, etc??  because sticky notes aren’t working for me…

thanks for your continued support…i appreciate you all!

ps.  i’m retiring the skirt.  i’ve worn it here, here and here.



i’m wearing…
vintage scarf (shocker) – found at a garage sale
shirt – local boutique
belt – thrifted
skirt – thrifted, vintage
wedges – etsy, vintage

and the fun continues…

my little crusade to put the pretty back in ugly is moving along quite nicely!

have you been keeping tabs?


allow me to bring you up to speed…

i found this ugly/pretty blouse at goodwill and experienced an odd force that made me buy it.  there was something about it.  it wasn’t even in a “section” like blouses or jackets…it was hanging at the end of the rack in a sea of men’s shirts.

admit it, you kinda like it.

anyway, i brought it home, put it in the shop and couldn’t sell it.

but i had an idea!  what if i tried to style this thing, posted the photos on my blog, then sent it to another blogger to style and post on her blog and then she had to mail to another blogger and so on and so forth…?

i just wanted to get everyone involved!

and so far…so good.

i started us out…

more photos here.

next, the blouse made its way to christina of second skin style

ah-mazing.  more photos here.

and more recently, it was prettied up by zoe of haiku ambulance

also amazing.  more photos here.

next up, the blouse travels to merl of clydes rebirth.  stay tuned!

and expect to see this blouse make it’s merry way to the following bloggers at some point…

annebeth of the styling dutchman
emily of tomorrow never knows fashion
morgan of morgan and lua
courtnee of my moments of whimsy
cayce of madame joy
shannon of dirty hair halo
lisa of archives
priscilla of urban rhetoric
annie of room for thought
megan of transmission me
faith of  ton petit chou
mel of idee geniale
rach of ordinarily urbane
annie of time enough for drums
amanda and jayme of miskabelle vintage
morgan of stylocrat
yelena of style my happiness

if you’d like to join, please read the deets here and send me an email or leave a comment.

remember…ugly can be pretty too.



early birds.

this outfit is entirely thrifted.

i’m wearing…
blouse – thrifted, vintage
tank – thrifted
skirt – thrifted, vintage
boots – thrifted, vintage 9 west (score!)

i have a confession to make…

i didn’t actually wear this out…anywhere.  not even to the mailbox or over to 7 eleven for a cup of coffee.

gasp!  i know…

i woke up pretty early on saturday to hit up some garage sales (yes, i know…i was supposed to be on a thrifting freeze, but i have an evil twin that i haven’t told you about and she’s the one who spends all our money, eats all the oreos in one sitting, dances drunk on the bar, hits the snooze button three times every morning, and has road rage.)  she is a pain in the ass.

anyway, i planned to wear this outfit, but as i walked down the carpeted stairs and onto the smooth tile of the kitchen floor, i damn near fell on my ass.  and if you’re a garage sale-goer, you know slippery bottomed shoes just won’t do.  in order to get to the 50 cent reader’s digest books, vhs copies of cocoon, kitschy lawn ornaments, and silver frames…you have to wear a good rubber soled shoe that will allow you to run past and shove through all the old biddies.

(i actually bought 4 reader’s digest books.  they’re VINTAGE!  don’t judge.)

dude, honestly, hardcore garage sale folks are looney tunes.

my first stop was an estate sale.  what is it about a garage or driveway full of cheap crap and used goods, that cause manners to disappear and grown adults to act like pigs fighting to get to the trough?

true story about the estate sale…

a van pulls up, a woman jumps out, she’s got her game face on.
no joke, she scans the contents of the garage, then asks about the furniture for sale in the house…when they tell her she has to be escorted in, she scoffs under her breath, heads back to the van and says (in a snotty tone), “glad i wasted my time on this one.”


lady…what were you expecting?

funny thing is, she wasn’t the only person who made snarky, rude comments about the contents of the sale.

early birds aren’t effin around, okay?

you better have your best shit out or else.

moral of the story.  garage sale-ing is a sport.  before the adventure…you better eat your wheaties, do some stretches, stock up on hand sanitizer, and be prepared to get in a cat fight over a bruce springstein cassette tape or milk glass vase.

cuz it’s bananas.

ps.  i’m thinking about putting the skirt in the shop.

anyone interested?

let me know.

oh!  and don’t forget about the discount i’m offering!

20% OFF WITH CODE “MOUSEVOX” (at checkout)

happy tuesday.



etsy update – dresses and a discount

guess what?

mmm hmm.  it’s monday.

more often than not…we loathe it.  the alarm irritates us out of a relaxed/weekend sleep…our freshly pressed work clothes wait for us to reluctantly pull them on…work is looming in the distance as coffee is brewing and traffic is piling up on the roadways…4 more days of this?!


but today, i’m giving you reason to celebrate monday!  even if just for a minute or two….

this month, i’ve chosen to be a sponsor over at mousevox vintage!  the lovely rachel asked if i’d like to offer a discount and i just couldn’t turn down the offer.

not only that, but i’ve managed a big accomplishment (for me) this weekend…my 100th sale in the barefoot & vintage shop on etsy!

what better way to say THANK YOU than to offer a little sumthin’ sumthin’ in return??

so, until the end of august, i’m offering a 20% discount with code “MOUSEVOX”…to my buyers and followers (and rachel’s too!) enter the code at checkout and i’ll reimburse you via paypal.

also, how convenient is it that i’ve added several new items to the shop this weekend
reduced the prices on a few others!?

here’s a preview…

80s working girl pencil skirt dress
vintage navy blue polka dot dress – SOLD OUT!

goldenrod tunic dress – SOLD OUT!
mod colorblock dress – SOLD OUT!

vintage 70s hawaiian print red dress
60s geometric print shirt dress

vintage 70s purple floral day dress
80s chambray floral skirt

vintage vertical stripe tank dress
vintage blue squares tent dress

vintage salt and pepper floral day dress
90s grunge floral print halter dress


white ruffle dress

dark teal vintage summer dress – SOLD OUT!

80s working girl floral print dress

vintage dusty rose pleated disco dress
(with capelet)

vintage de liso debs floral print pumps
reduced from $50!!

vintage gold metallic pumps
reduced from $35!!

90s floral print romper

okay, now go!  take advantage of the discount offered!  it’s only good until the end of august.  please include “MOUSEVOX” at checkout.

i hope you find something you like!

thanks again for helping me reach 100 sales.