a pretty big deal

top – urban outfitters // skirt – target // sandals – aldo // belt + clutch – vintage, thrift

a year ago this weekend, mark and i attended the malibu arts festival – 1.  to enjoy the event itself, but 2.  because mark was in desperate need of a job and a friend of mine {who was working the event} knew of a sales position with the malibu chamber of commerce.  as we walked up and down the aisles, admiring the work of local artists and businesses, she explained the position to mark – he’d be in charge of ad space and membership sales, also acting as the executive director’s right hand man.  sounds good…we’ll take it!  in a matter of days, the job was his.

flash forward to this weekend…long story, short – the previous executive director was let go and mark is now “acting” executive director.  this year, the arts festival is his event.  my husband is the boss.  and i am so unbelievably proud of him.  he’s worked long hours, late nights and although we haven’t seen him much this weekend, the event appears to be a big success.

and there are perks to being the boss’s wife – like not paying the $10 parking fee….

yeah, i’m a pretty big deal.

some days

skirt + bag – vintage, thrift // bicycle shorts – f21 // top – american apparel // sandals – urban outfitters // watch – michael kors

some days you just pull on your lace trim bicycle shorts and slip into your sheer, leopard print maxi skirt.  the end.

happy monday.

ten twenty-four

i actually wore this on friday…
and in my  mind {albeit a very exhausted one}, this outfit was so hippie/boho chic.
in reality…it’s a small plate of boho with two helpings of little house on the prairie and a side dish of 5th grade art teacher {the bun doesn’t help, does it?}
not what i was going for.
but i took the photos, so i decided to post them anyway.

the truth is, i’m not yet comfortable in “regular” clothing.  i still have a bit of a belly and my butt and thighs are hanging on.
so i think i’m being super critical of just about everything i try on.  which ultimately has me choosing anything that’s long and loose.
i know, i know…it’s only been 8 weeks.  and i know i’m not fat, but getting dressed isn’t fun right now.  i’m just in that weird in-between phase.  some things fit, some are still too snug.  also, my boobs are bigger than usual and honestly…i don’t like it!  these milk jugs are making it nearly impossible to fit into most of my pre-preg tops.  i actually think the tunic i’m wearing in this post would look better with “no boobs”.  ittybittytittycommittee boobs.  training bra size boobs.
just sayin’…boobs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

the one good thing to come out of this post – the vintage/southwest print tunic is for sale in my shop!  and if you like it, now you can see what it looks like on a body!

speaking of the shop – i added new items this weekend and i have several more to add this week.  if you’d like to be the first to know when new items are posted – follow me on twitter!

happy monday,


southwest tunic – for sale in the shop!  {click link above}
denim maxi skirt – lily white @ nordstrom
sweater – abercrombie {from years ago}
mocs – minnetonka

ten twelve

oh hai.
it’s just me…getting dressed and sharing.

mother nature is messin’ with me big time.
it was cold and rainy last week…
i was wearing wool socks and my chunkiest sweater.
this week, it’s like summer all over again.
temps in the 80s.  sunny skies for miles.  tank tops and air conditioning.

i suppose i shouldn’t rush fall/winter too much.  come january, i’ll be back to work, instead of hanging with this chick…


oh guess what?

today is my two month wedding anniversary!


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tank top, horoscope necklace, vest – urban outfitters
other necklace – pasadena rose bowl flea market
skirt – target
head scarf – vintage thrift find