i heart kitsch

since i explained my obsession with Etsy in great detail yesterday, i thought it would be appropriate for me to share two of my favorite finds!  not only that, but i’ll be in NYC (holla!) until Tuesday, so I won’t be posting until the middle of next week.

although i don’t have a lot of trinkets, statues or other dust collectors hanging around the house, i do enjoy a good kitschy item every now and then…

i found the following two items on Etsy (of course)…

**click on pictures to enlarge

i purchased these items from nickandnessies!  this Etsy shop is run by a husband and wife team who hand-pick some real beauties!  from 80’s trucker hats to clothing and old cheesy paperbacks…i recommend that you take a gander.  especially if you have hard to shop for people in your life.  who knows…you may just find that perfect Holiday gift!  one that peeps will be talking about for years to come.  :)



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