quick recap

hello friends!

the trip to NYC was simply amazing!  that city has a vibe like no other.  i was in awe of the people, the buildings, the feeling of history and culture…words really can’t express it!  the memories made on this trip will remain close to my heart for years to come.  i’m especially thankful that my son and i were able to experience our first trip to NYC together.  i can’t thank my bf enough…for this trip created a very important bond between the three of us.  *sigh*

where did we go?  what did we do??  well…we went to times square, the american museum of natural history, took a walk through central park, headed over to 5th ave and fao schwarz, walked the streets of soho, stopped at a few thrift stores, ate brunch at cozy diners, stayed in the coolest, most ecclectic hotel (hotel chelsea), observed the city from the empire state building (wow!) and visited dylan’s candy bar.  there were a few things that we didn’t get to do and see, but that’s okay…gives us an excuse to go back!  ;)

so now that i’m home, i haven’t had much time to devote to my blog…i’ve had work to catch up on, friends to see, homework to help with, tests to help study for, parties to go to…whew…there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

i’m working on posting pictures of my NYC vintage finds and a few other things as well.  bear with me!  in the meantime, i wanted to share a few of my fave pics from the trip…enjoy!


4 thoughts on “quick recap

  1. PAIGE! I love your photos from NYC. One-you look super cute and totally happy with your adorable son and handsome boyfriend. 2- Great outfits.
    3- What great SHOTS of the city and your visit there! Isn’t that city amazing? there is so much to do, I know we didn’t get to see half of the things we wanted to. What was your favorite?
    Thanks for letting me know about your vintage blog. Girl you know I share your passion. Next time you visit we should definitely go thrifting or hit some garage/church sales, dirt cheap prices and tons of polyester daydreams!

    • thanks, niccole! my fave part of the trip was sunday. it rained all day! we ate brunch in a crowded diner, walked to the american museum of natural history, walked through central park to 5th ave, perused fao schwarz, went to dinner…it was just a fabulous day!

      yes, next time i’m in p-town…we’ll hit the sales together. :)

      thanks for checking out my blog! i’m glad you dig it.

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