feelin’ blue

hello, friends!

today i had the pleasure of thrifting at the st vincent de paul thrift store in los angeles.  let me tell you…this place is HUGE.  like, overwhelmingly huge.  i started in the dresses section, but didn’t find much.  i then headed to the blazer/suit jacket section where i found an old school calvin klein blazer – it’s so soft…can’t wait to wear it with leggings and boots!  next, i headed to the skirts and jeans area…i found a plaid/wool skirt, a pair of jordache jeans (love them!) and a pair of pants that remind me of something diane keaton would’ve worn in annie hall.  i even perused the men’s section, where i found some dress shirts, a couple of dope men’s jackets (yes, i’ll eventually have men’s clothing in my etsy shop) and a christian dior cashmere scarf for THREE DOLLARS AND 99 CENTS!!  what luck…william scoped that gem.  i also found a belt and a few shirts here and there, but my fave find was a dark teal, velour, 70’s or 80’s style boatneck sweater.  all in all, it was a good thrifting day!

on the way home, it dawned on me that i’ve been gravitating toward rich greens and blues this winter.  especially the “electric” or cobalt blue.  i think it’s a great color to add to your wardrobe, but here are a few things to keep in mind if you do.

and now for some show and tell…enjoy!

vintage 80's cobalt blue sweater (etsy bound)

the infamous modcloth cobalt blue coat

velour sweater


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