ho ho ho

santa’s coming tonight!  the inner child in me still gets super excited at the thought of santa sliding down the chimney, leaving presents and eating the cookies!  don’t act like a tiny part of you isn’t feeling the same way…

what saddens me is that taylor, my 9 year old, has been questioning whether or not santa is real… it seems that some of the kids in his class have older brothers and/or sisters who are making it known that – “mommy and daddy put the presents under the tree after we go to bed.  mommy and daddy are the ones who eat the cookies and drink the milk.”  those damn naysayers!  now i have my sweet little man asking me if i believe in santa and if it’s okay for him to…

my response was this – honey, do you believe in santa?  because the only thing that matters is what you believe in your heart.

he seemed to take this into consideration and proclaimed, quite proudly…”i do believe in santa, mommy.”

whew…that was close.

anyway, i’m off work early today!  i’ll be finishing up last minute shopping and wrapping and then we’re headed to a close family friend’s house for dinner.  i’m really excited for william to meet them, as they are like family – all very warm and inviting people.  christmas day, i pick taylor up from his dad’s around noon and then home, to open presents and spend the afternoon enjoying our new treasures!  (from santa, of course)  wink wink

i wish everyone a very merry christmas!  have fun and be safe!

Merry Christmas! love, Barefoot & Vintage


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