christmas makes me happy!

hello friends…i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas!

at the risk of sounding like a bragging 7 year old, i thought i’d share the gifts i received…mainly because a few of them (see below) are geared towards setting up my etsy shop!

“santa” was nice enough to bring me dresses, pajama sets, a diamond bracelet (they’re real!), books, a new hair dryer (a GOOD one…my hair looks so healthy!), 2 pairs of boots, sewing lessons (woo hoo!) and some great little stocking stuffers!  oh and taylor got me a necklace from modcloth!

my family, friends and bf…are so generous.  hopefully they enjoyed the gifts i gave them, as well.  :)

don’t get me wrong, i realize that christmas isn’t just about gifts.  in fact, i’m still thinking about the joys of the holiday – introducing the bf to family and friends, eating great food, sharing laughs, watching taylor open gifts, spending quality time with my parents…it was great…i’m sad to see it all end!  BUT…there’s more to look forward to, as 2010 is just around the corner and i have a feeling it’s going to be a phenomenal year!


the little guide to vintage shopping by melody fortier

i can’t wait to dive into this juicy little morsel!  it’s full of important vintage info like –  distinguishing eras and styles, sizing tips, lables to look for, etc.  a must-have if you’re as enamored with vintage as i am!

shop:  modcloth, irreference

craft inc. business planner by meg mateo ilasco

hopefully, this book will keep me organized while planning the launch of barefoot & vintage on etsy!  it includes sections on creating a budget, marketing ideas and tracking revenue.  this is perfect for anyone who has a tendency to be a scatterbrain, like me!

shop:  modcloth, chronicle books

closet confidential (style secrets learned the hard way) by winona dimeo-ediger

this book is a must-have for every woman!  it helps build the foundation of a flawless wardrobe.  it’s chock full of things like – how to shop for the perfect pair of jeans, purchasing shoes – from flats to heels, the 411 on blouses and tops, accessorizing, packing for vacations effectively, etc…

ps – winona also has a blog!  she’s informative, yet hilarious!  check it out here.

shop:  modcloth (surprised?) and sasquatch books.

last, but not least, i got SEWING LESSONS as one of my gifts!!  (the “gift certificate” above was made by a family friend…quite crafty, eh?)

anyway, i’m super excited to learn how to sew.  i’ve purchased a few vintage dresses that are adorable, but also in desparate need of mending and button changes.

after 5 classes i should be able to hem, sew buttons, fix tears in taylor’s uniforms and prepare my clothing line for project runway…

…a girl can dream, can’t she??  ;)


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