exciting news!

guess what?

i’ve secured my shop name, registered as a seller and finally…wait for it…HAVE MY OWN ETSY SHOP!!!!!

isn’t that exciting?  do you wanna see it?  go take a look… BarefootandVintage.

now, i know i keep saying that i’m not opening the shop until march, but i think i’m lying.  i’m going to work really hard this week/weekend to get it up and running by mid january!

until then, here’s my TO DO list…

1.  get a business license.  to make it legit.  too legit to quit.

2.  after work tonight, i’m going to joann’s to buy a tape measure.  not the “tim the tool man taylor” kind…the soft, fabric kind.

3.  call the sewing lessons lady and schedule my first class!

4.  find a dry cleaning place that will give me a discount (business discount?) if i bring in lots of items on a regular basis.  (yes, you heard right…your items will be freshly dry cleaned when you receive them – courtesy of BarefootandVintage.)

5.  brainstorm packaging ideas (anyone wanna help??  i need someone who has a graphic design background…or just fake it, but have really good ideas.)

6.  measure, research, price, measure, research, price, measure, research, price…

7.  do more shopping (rose bowl flea market is coming up!)

6.  have william start taking pictures of all the clothing.

so much to do!

stay tuned…


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