nyc vintage finds

happy new year!

i’m spending the weekend at my parent’s house in san diego…it was absolutely beautiful here today!  the perfect start to a new year.

before i get immersed in margaritas, food, friends and fam, i thought i’d share (as promised) my NYC vintage finds!

unfortunately, while there, we didn’t have time to explore the many, many vintage shops and thrift stores, but we did stop by a few.  first, we ventured into resurrection on mott street.  it was vintage at it’s finest!  emilio pucci, halston, gucci…i think you get the point…although the clothing was gorgeous, it was a tad out of my price range.  FYI – there’s also a resurrection in los angeles.  next, we went to laurel canyon in soho.  it was full of 70’s vintage western wear – cowboy boots, prairie dresses, leather vests, vintage t-shirts, etc…all great stuff, but truly vintage and truly pricey.

i learned, very quickly, that although vintage is what i want, it is quite expensive.  makes sense though, as the owners of these boutiques have already put in the hard work of finding the items;  therefore, they have the right to attach a hefty price tag.  i decided then that thrift stores are more my speed – i get the excitement of finding one of kind items and can attach my own hefty price tag.  (kidding…i’m going for affordable.)

eventually, we ended up at the national council of jewish women (council thrift shop).  the women ran a tight ship, but were very helpful and knowledgeable.  i ended up with several items and went home a happy girl.

these items are headed for etsy, but as always, if you’re interested…let me know!


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