country mouse meets city mouse – an etsy preview

cheers to the new year!

it’s only january 3rd and i’ve already accomplished more than i thought i would…which is both exciting and exhausting.

while in san diego, william and i took a ton of pictures for etsy (which means i’m that much closer to opening shop!) AND i managed to set up my barefoot & vintage facebook fan page!  so…become a fan, please!  i would greatly appreciate it, as i need all the support i can get.  :)

the main reason for this post is to share an etsy item.  it’s a quasi outfit post if you will…the main focus is the vintage leather vest.  got it at an estate sale and it is just plain dope.  love it!  and here’s how i wore it…

vest – vintage.  label reads – genuine leather made in uruguay leather clean only – size small

shirt – target

pink deep v neck t-shirt – american apparel

legging jeans – soto in westlake village, ca

if you notice in the last picture, the back of the vest is a caramel color and is made of a silk/nylon type blend.

you know the deal…if you’re interested, let me know.  this vest is really cute and fits great.

-images by will wright-

and now to leave you with a few of my fave NYE pictures…


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