real housewives of…ventura county?!

i have to admit…i’ll watch real housewives of any town, city, county, state or country.  i dig the show THAT much.  it’s pure entertainment.  it’s a mind-numbing train wreck and i can’t get enough.

so last night, as i’m watching re-runs of real housewives of orange county (yes, even the re-runs are awesome), taylor comes into the living room and plops down on the couch next to me…

after a few minutes of watching…

(wait…i know what you’re thinking…why on earth would she subject her son to that blatant materialism, those fake boobs, the over bleached hair and the many examples of bad parenting??  i’ll tell you why…because the housewives were actually behaving in this particular episode and i didn’t think it was a big deal.)

…as i was saying…after watching for a few minutes, taylor turns to me and asks, “mommy, what’s a housewife?”

i really wanted to say, “a housewife is a woman who doesn’t work.  her husband brings home the dough while she tans, gets her hair done, goes shopping, does yoga twice a day, gives orders to the nanny and the maid, picks up el pollo loco for dinner and then wraps up the day by strutting around in sexy lingerie for her husband…mainly so that he’ll completely forget about the fact that she just spent $1,000 on a pair of boots.”

but alas, that’s just the sarcastic, envious bitch in me, so instead i bit my tongue (hard) and said,

“well honey, a housewife is a married woman who stays home.  her husband goes to work and she takes care of the house and the kids.”

that was nice and pretty accurate, right?

taylor ponders this for a second and then decides, “mommy, you should be a housewife.”

i agree.  ;)

this was so cute, i had to share.

happy tuesday, friends!


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