vintage LBD – an etsy preview

hello friends!

i’m so excited to share this lovely wool dress…

label reads – ruth mcculloch evanston/hubbard woods

era – 50’s/60’s

adorable bow and side pockets

size – vintage 4 or 6 (can take measurements if requested)

this little black dress was found at salvation army and what a rare find indeed!

etsy bound, but if you’re interested now…let me know.

ps…every girl needs a sassy LBD!  wink wink

-images by will wright (thanks, love!)-


4 thoughts on “vintage LBD – an etsy preview

  1. My goodness, you are one cute little peach.

    So, what are those measurements? I’m in the market for a LBD, and things with bows. Love it, how are you able to part with it?

    Thanks for the link to the small busted women book. I’ll have to look for it, woot-woot to girls with ittie-bitties!


    • why thank you, my dear! i’ll get those measurement to you asap…probably tomorrow afternoon (through email). that’s about as asap as i get at this time of night. this dress is absolutely darling and i haven’t actually come to terms with parting with it; however…i’m willing to give it up to good home. ;)

      talk soon…
      ciao bella

  2. this is just one of the best vintage dresses, im so into bows right now. lucky you! don’t sell it because it it looks too good on you. buuuuuut if you do sell it, i want it!

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