ants in my pants

i’m almost ready…really, i am!  in fact, part of me wants to post items on etsy tonight, but i know it won’t be as spectacular because i’ll have done it in haste. anywho, my spare bedroom has 3 or 4 boxes FULL and overflowing of vintage/thrifty finds.  and to top it off…we went to the rose bowl flea market on sunday!  i literally had about $73 burnin’ a hole in my pocket and i spent all but ONE DOLLAR in the first half hour.  i found a long wool sweater, a little girl’s vintage dress (that can be worn over leggings or as a tunic), 4 vintage dresses and 3 button up plaid shirts.  i’m really excited about these finds and cannot WAIT to take pics and post them for your viewing pleasure.


soooo…because we have a 3 day weekend coming up, william and i are planning to finish taking pictures of all the clothing items, belts, shoes and purses.  then i’m going to kick the boys out of the house (maybe send them on a hike or to the movies) and set to work on measurements, taking close up shots and uploading to etsy! can i get a woot woot?!  maybe opening day of the shop should be on monday, january 18th.  we’ll see…

in other news…you might start noticing small changes here and there…from fonts, to a new banner (coming soon!), to rearranging the site…just bear with me.  i’m trying to make it as visually pleasing as possible, but it all takes time.  in fact, if you have suggestions…let me know!

oh!  getting back to the ants in my pants…i’ve been having lots of them lately, so i went on a 3 mile walk today…just to clear my head.  i live in socal and even though it’s january, it’s been in the mid 70’s this week.  the sky was so blue and full of tiny, puffy white clouds…much like this…


truth be told, i was having difficulty deciding what this post was gonna be about…i have several ideas, but i just couldn’t bring them together the way i wanted to. breathing in the fresh, crisp air allowed me to think clearly and regain some much-needed focus.  i’m happy with this being an update-type post.  BUT…tomorrow or thursday…expect another etsy preview!

happy tuesday!


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