i love the 80’s – an etsy preview

…but people who don’t like the 80’sreally.don’t.like.the.80’s. my theory is that peeps who were in high school during this era…loathe anything 80’s related. however, if you were a little tyke (like me!), i think it’s safe to say that we will forever hold a special place in our hearts for punky brewster, slap bracelets, D.A.R.E, care bears, cabbage patch kids, opposite day, tiffany and debbie gibson, trapper keepers, slouch socks, jem and the holograms, transformers, scratch-n-sniff stickers…omg…i could go on and on and on…

and the fashions…oh those 80’s fashions…love them!  the gaudy floral patterns, the puff sleeves, the neon colored everything, leggings, over-sized shirts, shoulder pads, etc etc etc…

that being said, i thought i’d give you a little peek of some of the 80’s clothing i’ve found.  there are more, but these are the only pieces that have been photographed so far…


-images by will wright-

i hope you’re diggin’ my finds!  (i have other items here and here) as always, if you’re interested…let me know.  i can answer any questions you may have in regards to sizing, fit and/or the condition of the items.  the other option, of course, is to wait for the shop to open.  on etsy, each item will be described in detail and i’ll provide more pictures.

i must be going now…

it’s almost the weekend!  woot woot!

oh!  and i thought i’d leave you with this fun little ditty…it’s been stuck in my head for hours…the only thing i’m missing is a side pony held in place by a scrunchie.  (i added some dramatics, too)  go ahead…sing it.  you know you want to…

I Think We’re Alone Now by Tiffany

Children behaaaaaaaaaave
that’s what they say when we’re together

And watch how you plaaaaaaaaaay
they don’t understand

And so we’re running just as fast as we caa-aan (can can…)

Holding on to one another’s hand (hand hand…)
Trying to get away into the NIGHT

And then you put your arms around me
and we tumble to the ground

And then you say:
I think we’re alone now
there doesn’t seem to be anyone aaaaroo-oound.
I think we’re alone now

the beating of our hearts is the only soo-oound.

Look at the waaaaaaaay
we gotta hide what we’re doin’

‘Cause what would they saaaaaaaaay if they ever knew

And so we’re running just as fast as we can…


7 thoughts on “i love the 80’s – an etsy preview

  1. GIRL!! You Soooooo have my number! Every single 80’s throw back that you mentioned is still very near and dear to my heart! (TRAPPER KEEPERS!!!! SLAP BRACELETS!) holy jeeze girl! Are you close to 30 by chance because it feels like we may be twins or something! I love your vintage finds and fully checked your store out! Congrats! I will be convo-ing you some tips to help you get going faster (sales wise) too! So happy to find your blog and your shop! Adding to my blog roll and already hearted you on etsy!

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