today was a good day.

gueeeeessss whaaaa-uuuuuuut????

i made my FIRST sale today!!!!  actually, i sold these TWO items to the same person.  that’s right…SOLD!

so, when i got the “congrats!  you sold an item!” email from etsy, it was almost surreal…and then i read the words and i actually got butterflies in my tummy!  i was, and still am, giddy with excitement.  immediately after work, i took the clothes to the dry cleaners and then headed over to target for packaging supplies.  ALL of it.

in fact, this is precisely what i was talking about in my very first post.  i found something that i love to do…even if it is just a hobby or a “side job”…it makes me happy.  it makes office work and paper pushing tolerable, M-F.  it kinda feels like i have my very own company!  i dig it.  *grin*

that being said, i’m gonna keep right on truckin’!  post ideas are flowing, clothing is piling up rapidly and i’m making new friends and contacts daily (love the blogging world!)…i’m golden.

speaking of golden…my new friend shannon (fashion/style blogger), over at dirty hair halo, is ah-mazing.  she did a little “feature” on barefoot & vintage – the blog, the shop and more importantly…the vintage LBD (featured on etsy).  bless her heart, she wants that dress so bad.  if i could, i would do anything in my power to make it fit her.

funny thing about realizing that she included me in her most recent post

it’s 8pm, i finally plop down on the couch and start reading through my fave blogs (mug of chai tea in hand).  …i click on dirty hair halo, i’m diggin’ her outfit post, kinda wanting to steal that belt off her and then…uuuummmm…double take/eyes wide…is that ME?!  WHOA…that’s ME!!! so nice and SO unexpected.  i can’t thank her enough for recognizing barefoot & vintage.  :)

anywho, not only does shannon have a funky, bohemian, colorful sense of style – she’s a great writer!  hysterical, witty, sarcastic, smart, blunt…to call her entertaining is an understatement.  if you’re a blog lover, you should definitely add dirty hair halo to your blogroll.

thanks again, shannon!  you’re a lovely gal.

alright friends, i’m signing off.  time to hit the sack.



3 thoughts on “today was a good day.

  1. Can I tell you that this endeavor on etsy is going to be the coolest thing ever for you! I remember my first sale too! It is exhilarating! and now you have sold a few more! So exciting! Also, I am in freaking love with that very hot dirty hair halo girl. In love.

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