redheads CAN wear red.

don’t let the locks fool ya…i’m a real redhead!

my natural hair color is nothing like what you see in these pictures.  in fact, up until 1999 i had frizzy, wavy, fiery red/orange hair.

i hated it, but my mom refused to let me get highlights…lecturing that, “one day you’ll regret it!” and “do you know how lucky you are? do you know how many women would die to have your hair color?!”

(no mom, unfortunately i didn’t.  what i did know at the age of 16, was that i had braces and frizzy, red hair.  definitely NOT a hit with the young male crowd.)

anyway, now that i’m nearing 30 and have tried every color in the book…i’m actually starting to think that natural might be the way to go.  ;)

the red blouse shown will be for sale this week in my etsy shop.

the perfect addition to any wardrobe, this blouse is very versatile.

adorable pocket.

the perfect shade of red.

in great condition.

(if you like this, you may also be interested in this.)

ps.  this is also my attempt at an outfit post…eek!

pps.  i’m probably going to wear this to work tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “redheads CAN wear red.

  1. The only color of haired girl my husband dated before me was red (does that make sense?!) I mean he only ever dated red heads! Still has a freaking thing for them! He buys our son red headed girl marvel action figures for goodness sake! I dyed my hair red after I met him to try to comply (against his wishes he “says”) and it was a total disaster. I am not supposed to be a red head. But I really never wear red either. You are a novelty in this world girl.

  2. The outfit looks great on you!

    I’m especially enamored with the skirt – do you have anything like that coming to your Etsy shop?

    • thank you, teresa! unfortunately, the only thing i have (that is similar, but not really) is a black leather skirt, which i’ll probably post on etsy in the next day or two. the one i’m wearing is BCBG. i bought it from a rue la la sale.

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