etsy update – it’s cold, buy a sweater.

i refuse to make this blog solely about my etsy shop; however, you should know that i’ve been vintage shopping, with the intent of opening an etsy store, since october.  that being said, i have  3 boxes full of stuff that still needs to be measured and posted for your viewing (and hopefully buying!) pleasure.  i have shoes, a few purses, luggage, skirts, more blouses, etc etc…and once i get them all posted, the NEW stuff, will only go into the shop on a specific day of the week.  for example, you may expect that i’ll add new items to barefoot & vintage on…oh i don’t know…wednesdays??  something like that.  until then, you’ll have to put up with frequent posts about the items i’ve added.

now on to the good stuff…

this evening, i had time to add 5 new items to the shop.

sweaters!  before long…ya’ll will be sweatin’ and wearin’ shorts, so let’s find homes for these delicious sweaters…


vintage 80’s cobalt sweater

vintage 80’s pink bow sweater

vintage 80’s black & white bow sweater

vintage 70’s prep sweater

mustard yellow and white striped tank

vintage mesh link gold coin belt

i know, i know…i was just talking about sweaters and then threw in a tank…just go with it.  :)

OH!  …and again, don’t forget about the DISCOUNT i’m offering.  only 3 more days, friends!


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