how she wore it – ashley

two weeks ago, today…i opened the shop.  since then, i’ve sold 10 items and i’m so freaking excited about it!

i’d like to give a big THANKS to everyone who has purchased an item thus far!  i hope i can continue to deliver great vintage and one of a kind items.  (ps, i am constantly thrifting, but can’t always post the items to the shop right away, so if you’re looking for something in particular…ask!  i may have it stuffed in the bottom of a goodwill bag.)

anyway, as you can see, i love reading stylist/fashion blogs.  i am honestly in awe of how others mix and match colors, layer upon layer of patterns, jewelry, tights, hats, shoes…there are so many options and it’s so visually stimulating, that sometimes i click and stare for hours, committing certain styles to memory so that i can run home to my  little walk-in closet and play dress up.  *sigh*

but alas, my outfits never translate the way i see them on my fave fashion bloggers.  what am i missing?  a belt?  a cardigan layered over a button up that’s layered over a tank top? strands and strands of gold and silver toned jewelry? the perfect platform shoe that will enhance my black leggings and black boyfriend blazer?  hmmmmm…i honestly think that even though i have style, i’m missing that creative gene.  afterall, fashion is art!  fashion is fun.  so, why am i so insecure about it??  why can’t i just throw on some stuff and walk proud?  that’s what all the other girls do…(don’t i sound like a pouty little girl who wants to do something that ALL her friends are doing, but her mom inevitably says, “i don’t care what everyone else is doing!”)…??

anyway, i have a dear, dear friend who has more fashion sense in her big toe (wink wink – inside joke) than most hollywood starlets have in their closets!  she’s the friend we all run to when we need something EXTRA special…for a night out, a bday celebration, a first date, etc… i always leave her house feeling gorgeous, for she has not only picked out a fabulous top, pair of boots and maybe a vintage necklace, but she’s made sure that whatever i’m wearing enhances my best features.  and if something looks bad…she will tell you.  trust me, because you will not leave the house looking horrible on HER watch.

so now that you know a little about her, meet ashley!  she bought these belts and took a picture of HOW SHE WORE IT.

darling, huh??

thanks again, ashley, for purchasing those belts!!  the best part about it?  i can borrow them!  woo hoo!

HOW SHE WORE IT is something i’d like to start doing as often as possible.  if you’ve purchased an item from barefoot & vintage i’d LOVE to see how you wear it!  so please, take pictures and send them to  even if you have your own stylist blog and you’ve posted an outfit that includes one of my items, send me the link!

oh!  don’t forget about my sale!  30% off your purchase at barefoot & vintage from now until saturday, february 13th…in honor of yours truly turning 30!


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