knock on wood.

not to brag, but my life is pretty dang superb these days!

  • i’m dating a wonderful man.  he is patient, accepting, loving, funny, kind, and he brings groceries to the house – beer, clementines, bread, lettuce, and 4 boxes of cereal because they were on sale…4 for $5 or something like that.  cute, huh? also, he’s been so helpful with the etsy store.  he takes the pics, helps me shop and supports me one million percent!
  • my son is amazing and i’m so proud of him.  he’s getting good grades in school, he’s kind to his friends, he’s so fun and we laugh and laugh together all the time.  i’m impressed with his level of intelligence and his perceptions of life are so intriguing.
  • barefoot & vintage is really taking off!  i’m happy with the progress i’m making and blogging has allowed me to connect with so many people.  friendly people – who are caring, helpful and continually inspirational.
  • i have virtually no drama!  maybe it’s because i’m nearing 30 or maybe it’s simply because i’m making better life decisions.  either way, i definitely feel more mature.  i’ve let go of the insecurities that plagued my 20’s and i’m learning to maintain a positive outlook on life in general.  why is everyone so afraid of getting older??  i’m looking forward to my 30’s!!  i feel rejuvenated, like my life is just beginning!

anyway, i know it’s already wednesday and nearing another weekend, but i’m still daydreaming about the great time i had last weekend.  seriously, it was probably the best i’ve had in months.  yeah, it was that good.

friday evening…

the man and i went to a cooking class!!  i had purchased these lessons as a christmas gift for him, thinking that it would be something fun and different for us to do together.  and it was!  our class was called a winter in paris and our menu included:

  • Warm Oysters with Leek & Wine Sauce
  • Oysters with Parmesan and Pastis (or Pernod)
  • Beef Bourguignon
  • Tarte Tatin
  • Crème Fraîche Ice Cream

it turned out pretty good!  if you’re ever in LA or live in the area, check out hipcooks.  they offer several classes and the instructors are friendly and really know their stuff!


we woke up kinda late and decided to get brunch, but on our way there we got sidetracked by a small flea market.  needless to say, we had to stop!  i found several dresses (soon to be for sale!), an adorable yellow pant suit and a pair of red boots.  after brunch, we headed over to goodwill and the thrifting continued…i purchased more dresses for the shop and a few items for myself.  as if we hadn’t already spent enough, will took me to his favorite book store.  because he’s such a huge advocate of reading and we both love books, he bought me several!  a few classics, a few of his faves and a couple trashy novels (jackie collins is a guilty pleasure.)  currently, i’m reading a clockwork orange.  can you believe i’ve never seen the movie??  later that afternoon, we saw crazy heart with jeff bridges.  so good.  especially if you dig alt country and classic country music.

saturday evening, william hosted an event called will wright reads.  every few months, will and some of his friends get together and read their latest works – from stories they’ve written to poems…it’s interesting and very entertaining!

in fact, he has another event scheduled for thursday, february 11th.  if you live in socal and would like to come out and support local writers and their works, RSVP on facebook by clicking here!


went for a stroll and ended up at a popular coffee joint.  we sat outside and enjoyed café au lait and donut holes with vanilla cream.  mmmmmmmm

afterwards, we went to yet another thrift store.  2 hours later, i walked out with 6 tops, a skirt, a purse, a pair of shoes and 4 used books.  so excited about my finds and even more excited to post them on etsy!

before i picked my son up that evening, we ventured into little tokyo where we grubbed on sushi and edamame!

sigh…it wasn’t so much where we went or what we did…it had more to do with realizing that i found someone who i genuinely enjoy spending time with.  i love  his company and we’re always going on little adventures together.  unfortunately, will’s just about over going thrifting, as he’s been spending a little too much on himself!  ;)

anyway, i hope you don’t mind my ramblings.  i suppose i do love writing and what better way to chronicle the best weekend ever, than by posting it to my blog!

other exciting news…i’ve started sewing lessons!  can’t wait to hem some of the dresses that are in desparate need of updating.

also, my friend lindsay is designing a new blog header, so stay tuned.  :)

ps – i’m sure i’ll post a few items on etsy tonight…


2 thoughts on “knock on wood.

  1. You’ll love your sewing classes! There’s nothing more relaxing than losing yourself for hours working on a project that you, yourself, has made.

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