etsy update – skirts & shirts

brrrr…it’s a chilly day here in socal.  i think it’s supposed to rain, so mr winter is flexing his power, gearing up for a cold and rainy weekend.  afterall, it is his season.  while most would argue that 50 degrees is not cold…it is for us californians!

needless to say, the thought of putting on a skirt makes me cringe.  however, i posted these items to the shop last night and thought i’d let you know.

i’m almost done posting the stuff that has already been photographed!  this weekend, though, i have another set of dresses, scarves, shoes and purses that need to be prepped for etsy.  and so will start another round of posting and notifying!

my fave girl steph (aka stoof) came over last night to peep some of the newer finds…she fell in love with several items upon first sight and practically ripped her clothes off to try them on.  unfortunately, stoof is a tall drink of water and the flood she’s waiting for…isn’t coming anytime soon, so the pantsuits are a no go.  but there are a few dresses that look stunning on her!  anyway, we discussed that my eye for good finds is getting sharper and i’m learning what’s dope and what’s not.  yay me!

isn’t the anticipation maddening?!  (it’s good to be dramatic sometimes.)

in the meantime, here are the most recently added items.

shop update (2/26/10) – SOLD ITEMS
white grunge tunic dress


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