wishlist (hint hint nudge nudge)

happy monday!

as you know, i love etsy and support my fellow sellers 100%!  that being said, here are a few items (and shops) that i am currently dying over.

(and since my bday is coming up…maybe i’ll get some cash and be able to buy a couple of these faves.  fingers crossed!)

ps.  some of the items may look slightly distorted.  i had to make a few adjustments to the sizes.

row a:
vintage slinky metal glam purse from advintagous
tweed blazer from cordelia diderot
vtg 70s original gourmet cheese slicer with glass dome from rust belt threads

row b:
vtg ceramic owl bookends from rust belt threads
anchor post earrings by jessyq
alice secret locket ring by tamar

row c:
1980s green striped romper from love charles (vintage) **love her blog, as well!  check it out, the link is under my blogroll (faves).
pretty english toffee tin from rwalsh111 (the sage scottie)
tiger printed white vesty tunic from multi kulti
iridescent deer powder jar from good vintage

row d:
1970s gorgeous slouchy sweater from peace and love vintage
1950s gorgeous magenta classic dress from peace and love vintage
vintage 1970 brown patchwork handbag from the pudding store
1970s terry cloth shirt with tie in front from sarah nobles

uuummmm…i guess i like the 70’s??  actually, that’s true.  i really do.  i love high waist pants, bell bottoms, flowy hippie dresses, etc…i would have fit right in at studio 54.

anyway, i’ll be posting new items this week!  haven’t decided if that will be tonight, tuesday or wednesday, as i’m really into a clockwork orange and i’m almost done with the book.  i wanna finish it tonight and move on to read lady chatterley’s lover by d.h. lawrence!  also this week…i have an outfit post (which always makes me nervous because i’m such a novice in a sea of professionals!), a “how she wore it” post (yay shannon!) and a couple other things up my sleeve.

ETSY REMINDER!  i’m still offering 30% off at barefootandvintage until saturday, february 13th!!  there are many items in the shop that are under $20…take advantage while you can!

ciao bellas.



2 thoughts on “wishlist (hint hint nudge nudge)

  1. “uuummmm…i guess i like the 70’s?? actually, that’s true. i really do. i love high waist pants, bell bottoms, flowy hippie dresses, etc…i would have fit right in at studio 54. ”

    Well, those were opposite concepts… bellbottoms and flowy hippie dresses were the first half of the 1970s, similar to the late 1960s, and studio 54 and disco were the last half of the decade, and those 2 factions were at each other’s throats. The bellbottoms and hippie dresses, along with bare feet everywhere in public were anti-fashion, a total rebellion against what the fashion industry was pushing. It was about rock music and defying authority. No one who was part of that crowd would be caught dead in the superficiality of studio 54, which was about disco music, designer clothes, and not being let into the door if you were not a celebrity or superficially ‘hip’ to what narrow range of what was the ‘look of the week’. It was disco vs rock, and the rockers often wore ‘disco sucks’ t-shirts at the end of the 70s. And studio 54 did not exist until 1977, after the hippie concept had faded away. If you wore those hippie clothes, they would not let you into studio 54.

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