how she wore it – shannon

a few weeks ago, i had an insanely urgent need to find the perfect peplum dress or top or…whatever.  i just wanted peplum.  i searched shop after shop on etsy, but still couldn’t find what it was i thought i was looking for.  more often than not with clothing…you come across an item and AH-HA!  that’s it!  that’s the one!  i have to have it now.  that’s mainly how i’ve come to own half the items in my closet.  anyway, i ended up google imaging “peplum” and one of the first links i came across, was to this post…it was like outfit porn…so easy on the eyes, i couldn’t stop looking!

meet shannon (aka  she is easily one of my favorite bloggers.

not only is she uber stylish, but she’s humorous, intelligent and keeps her readers coming back for more.

i think most of us have fallen in love with her ability to make fashion playful, as she has an insane flair for combining colors and patterns; however, her creations never end up  looking gaudy or tacky.  on the contrary, shannon always looks elegant and sassy as hell!

…so after leaving a comment or two on her posts and maybe notifying her of my new shop on etsy (?)…we sorta became email pals!  she purchased two items from barefoot & vintage and made me the happiest little camper on the planet.  woot woot!

first photo set – vintage pink blazer from barefoot & vintage
second photo set – vintage victorian lace blouse…also from barefoot & vintage

THANK YOU, shannon!  (she gave me a shout out on her blog…read it HERE!)

i dig your outfits and the frequent f bombs,  so keep ’em coming!  xo

ps…i thought i’d share two of my fave outfits!


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