life begins at 30…

…or so they say…we shall see!

here’s my 30th bday photo collage!  there were several other pics taken, but i only chose to share a few…enjoy!

the first 7 pictures are from friday night’s GNI (girl’s night in).  we got together at my house for food, drinks, games and feather headband making!  thank you so much, ladies, for planning such a fun evening!  it was a great way to start off the weekend…

the other pics are from saturday night – my actual bday!!  we met up at howl at the moon where we drank, sang, drank some more and had a rowdy good time!  couldn’t have asked for a better way to turn 30…

the next morning, i somehow managed to escape a massive, debilitating hangover…probably because i’m such a mature 30 year old…ha!  anyway, the man and i slept in a bit, had brunch at our fave breakfast place and headed to the rose bowl flea market.  (and yes, i did indeed find some goodies for the shop!)

i want to take a moment to show some love to my man, william…not only did he help plan an amazing bday, but he gave me the sweetest, most meaningful bday/valentine’s day present EVER…he planted two pots with gerber daisies and one big pot containing 4 different types of thyme.  the meaning behind it is that he wants to provide me with “all the thyme (time) in the world.” awwwwww…how incredibly sweet and thoughtful is that??  i love my william.  i am so thankful to have him in my life.


i can’t thank everyone enough for making my 30th bday weekend so special!



7 thoughts on “life begins at 30…

  1. AWE!! Happy birthday sweet lady! It looks like you had a total blast! I was thinking of you last weekend! I feel like I have so much to tell you!! You seem like the kind of girl I can just call up and be like “Hey can you get out tonight for some drinks at ‘random bar’? I have some really saucy stuff to laugh and drink about!” And in my fantasy, you say “Yes of course! I be there at 5:15!” then we drink splits of Champaign right out of the bottle and share a plate of fried Calamari and dish about your party and NY till like 8:30! (ya, we are both moms). one can dream. I will just send you an email. :(

  2. hey! ran into your page through will’s facebook. and i love love the idea of feather headbands party. what does organizing something like this entail? my friend is getting married over the summer and had a dream of everyone in feather headpieces. as her maid of honor i want to make it happen. it seems like this might be a way..?! if you get a chance, let me know thought. darina

    ps. i am loving your etsy shop and the pink silk shirt has caught my eye. i think very soon, i purchase.

    • hi darina!

      thanks for visiting my blog and i’m so glad you like my shop.

      as for the feather headband making…a good friend of mine purchased the feathers and plastic bands at joann fabrics (i imagine you can get these supplies at any craft/hobby store). the only other thing you need is a glue gun! it was easy and fun! i’m sure you can get really fancy with it by adding other embellishments and what not!

      i’d love to know if you actually put it together.

      keep in touch. :)


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