etsy update – sequins and hippies and lace, oh my!

this dress is an absolute stunner!  one of my nyc vintage finds, she has hung in my closet since december…beckoning me to try her on.  i finally did and fell in love.
*boned/corset bodice
*silk/sequins on body of dress
*beaded fringe at hem and neckline
*flapper inspired look

will be added to etsy this evening.  more details and pictures will be included.  stay tuned!

ps – why don’t i keep it?  well, although it fits me like a glove and i feel abso spectacular in it…i don’t fill it out as much as i’d like to.  this dress would best fit someone my size, with a bigger cup size.  ;)

if you love disco, bell bottoms, michelle pfeiffer in scarface and the bee gees…these fantastic pants are for YOU, darlin!
*rayon bell bottoms, with a chiffon-like overlay
*sexy slits up both legs
*high waisted – meant to sit on your natural waist

eye-catching and sexy to boot!

more pictures and details on etsy, soon! – SOLD 2/25

uuuuummmm, 90210 called…brenda wants her dress back…

ladies, i’m sure i don’t have to tell you this, but 90’s floral prints are BACK…and cuter than ever.

*adorable buttons
*sweetheart neckline
*ribbon detail on shoulders
*cinch tie in the back
*pocket (flap) detail on the front

dress it up, dress it down…either way, it’s a summer wardrobe must-have!

more pictures and details here.  available on etsy NOW.  SOLD!

my friend steph calls this the “mama’s family dress”…remember that show??  if you do, you totally get it and know that naomi would’ve worn it in a heartbeat!

this little dress is sweet as pie…seafoam/minty green color, with teeny tiny white bow print and lace trim.

details and more pictures on etsy HEREavailable for purchase NOW – SOLD 2/18

other new items in the shop…

interested in an item that isn’t in the shop, yet?  leave a comment or send me an email!

ps – some of these pictures don’t do the items enough justice!


u p d a t e (2/26/10) – psychadelic 70’s jumpsuit – SOLD


One thought on “etsy update – sequins and hippies and lace, oh my!

  1. glad I found you! Baby, life really does begin at thirty ! I am an over 40 beginner blogger and life is still full of wonder- minus the little mid-life crisis crud that can bob up, but when you grow older with grace, you find you develope steel ovaries! I loved your reference to Mama’s family! Add a big honking flower to your hair (plus a ton of bleach and hairspray) and that dress is right on!!

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