“the vintage is your clothing. the barefoot is your soul.”

place – the living room
scene – WrW is sitting by the fireplace, quietly perusing a pile of thrifted paperbacks.  PmP is lounging on the couch, feeling anxious, contemplating, fingers hovering over the keyboard of her laptop.  the news is droning on in the background…

WrW:  what should i read next?
PmP:  (sighs) i don’t know…
WrW:  you know, that’s why you buy books like this… (he waves a james patterson at her) …to give your mind a break from the really good stuff.
PmP:  (she looks up) yeah…hey maybe you should read one of my books.
WrW:  what…one of your jackie collins’? (he says, smirking)
PmP:  ha.  (she gives him a look and says with sass…)  why don’t you read poor little bitch girl…
WrW:  i wrote that one, baby.

he heads to the kitchen for an ice-cold modelo.  PmP is slightly irritated, but why?  let the man drink a beer!  who cares if it’s after 10pm.  if it was a saturday night and you were at a bar you wouldn’t care!  so what’s the big deal?  let it go.  pick your battles, PmP.

they discuss books a bit more.  WrW shares his thoughts on how really great literature takes so much longer to read than beach reads, thrillers, chic lit, etc.  someone needs to learn how to grab the reader’s attention, yet still produce memorable, pulitzer prize winning content!  for example, maybe combine the raunchy, hollywood drama of jackie collins with the philosophical themes of ayn rand and you’ve got yourself a pretty interesting book, to say the very least.

WrW assumes his position on the hearth of the fireplace and continues to look through the books that are available to him.

PmP:  i’m stuck.
WrW:  with what?
PmP:  my blog.  i haven’t posted since last week, i haven’t been reading my fave blogs, i haven’t commented on my fave posts…i feel so disconnected.  some weeks i have enough content in my head to post something every day.  but lately, i don’t even know what to write about!  i’m not like the other girls that i follow.  i don’t post pics of myself in great outfits.  so, what’s my content?  what’s my goal?  (she is clearly stressed and looking for answers.  WrW feels his woman’s frustration and tries to diffuse the fire she’s lit underneath herself…)
WrW:  your blog should be about you and your thoughts…
PmP:  (she continues to babble, probably not even hearing him)  i don’t just wanna be known for posting etsy updates.  i have more substance than that!
WrW:  that’s what i’m saying.  your shop is up and running now.  your blog and your shop are separate.  i mean, it’s okay to post your updates and pictures, but your blog should be about YOU.
PmP:  (heavy sigh) i don’t know what to write about.  i mean, who cares?  who really cares about what i have to say??  sometimes i wonder…why am i even doing this??  do my friends and others think that i’m self-centered because i post pictures of myself and talk about my life?  is that how bloggers portray themselves to people who don’t blog?  are bloggers just attention seeking whores??  i feel that there’s a fine line…am i doing this for me?  or am i doing this for others?
WrW:  write about this!  what you’re telling me right now!  write about other people’s blogs and how stupid they are!  write about whatever you want.  it doesn’t have to be about your shop anymore.  your shop is separate.  barefoot and vintage.  the vintage is your clothing.  the barefoot is your soul.

he’s so right.

allow me to explain my thoughts on this.  when i think of the name barefoot & vintage, i instantly imagine a young woman, maybe she’s me, but i’m not sure because i can’t really see her facial features.  i do know that she’s smiling because i feel happiness emanating from this girl.  she’s wearing a gorgeous, vintage, white summer dress and she’s twirling in circles, the skirt of the dress puffed out and floating on the light breeze.  she’s in a field of green green grass and the sun is shining bright…  she’s barefoot, she’s content and she hasn’t a care in the world.  (barefoot = carefree)

if i could give my soul a persona…it would be that girl.

barefoot is to my soul as my soul is to my blogging.   when i choose to blog, i’m obviously baring my soul to anyone and everyone who is willing to listen.  maybe that’s why i’m struggling with the content.  sigh…i think i was having a blogger identity crisis.  i’m over it though and ready to forge ahead.

in fact, right after i had my little meltdown, i read an email from a recent buyer.  she shared thoughts of teaming up with someone like me…exchanging etsy and other vintage related business ideas, etc…i can’t divulge much, but the wheels started turning and i have a concept that i’m really excited about.

what i’ve learned here…is to keep doing this for me.  if i gain some fans along the way…woo hoo!

ps – WrW ended up choosing the postman always rings twice by james cain.  great story.  i definitely recommend it.


4 thoughts on ““the vintage is your clothing. the barefoot is your soul.”

  1. Oh no! Crisis? I can affirm a couple things about myself as a blogger, in an effort to relate and encourage the bareness of your feet:

    1. I can admit my blog is completely self-absorbed and narcissistic.

    2. I LOVE the attention, in fact, I’m beginning to wonder if I have issues.

    3. It’s mine and I can say offensive things, curse, show my middle finger to the camera and wear outfits that I don’t give two shits if other people don’t like.

    I guess my point is that blogs ARE self-centered, but who the fuck cares(only the people reading, right)?! And they’re reading cuz they like you. You should be able to love yourself shamelessly and show yourself off on your blog if that’s how you want to do it.

    To your readers: Don’t wear your socks to Barefoot & Vintage’s blog; she’ll rock ’em right off.


    Dirty Hair Halo

    • thank you thank you thank for that.

      i need to stop caring so much about what others think!

      ps. speaking of middle fingers…the bf and i were taking etsy pics this wkend and he happened to snap a pic of me, middle fingers blazin! i thought of you. ;)


  2. I loved this post! I’ve been kind of shy and embarrassed to tell anyone about my blog, because it IS somewhat narcissistic. I’ve also been shy to post anything other than outfit pictures and etsy updates, because I’m worried about the response and criticism I’ll get. Thanks for this little reminder to do whatever the hell I want to do! That’s what a personal blog should be for, right?

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