dearest skirt, we were not meant to be…


let me tell ya…i love this skirt.  love love love it.

it’s funny, when i found it a local thrift shop and asked WrW what he thought…he kinda shrugged and went “eh.”  needless to say, i bought it anyway.  when we took the pics and i dressed it up a bit he was all “i’m so glad i told you to get that skirt.”

we play this little game now…i find a dress or top that isn’t obviously pretty, he says “eh”, i buy it anyway, i try it on and/or dress it up, he finally sees my vision and then he takes credit for the find.  it’s cute.

okay ladies, here’s the skinny (literally)…ya gotta have some substance up top in order to pull this off.  unfortunately for me, my itty bitties don’t do the job.  i had to keep pulling it up and that is very irritating.

anyway, i will have this for sale on etsy by friday…maybe sooner!

deets – 80’s, cream-colored skirt with big navy polka dots, accordion pleats, ruffled hem and elastic waist.

interested?  send me an email – barefootandvintage(at)gmail(dot)com – and i’ll be more than happy to provide you with the measurements.



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