etsy update – mild, medium or spicy?

row 1
a.  vintage drop waist party dress
b.  ethnic butterfly sleeve summer dress
c.  vintage double pocket skirt
d.  vintage halter dress
e.  boho summer dress

row 2
a.  vintage dainty white pocket dress
b.  vintage modish yellow shift dress
c.  vintage dots secretary dress
d.  70s magenta accordion pleat secretary dress
e.  vintage mexican-style navy floral top

the morning after my 30th bday celebration, we went to the most magical place on my earth…THE ROSE BOWL FLEA MARKET!

i love all the items i chose that sunday…there’s a sort of cohesive aesthetic with the colors and patterns and overall “warm-weather” feel.  it was so amazingly nice outside and i was super relaxed.  i think it definitely shows in my purchases.  interesting how weather and mood affect our decisions, eh?

i came across several ethnic, mexican-style embroidered tops, dresses and tunics…which i adore, but sometimes it’s overkill.  some of it is super gaudy and a little too “hi, welcome to el torito, would you like some chips and salsa?”…know what i mean?  too any ruffles, too many embroidered flowers, too many primary colors…

anyway, i hope to have all of the above items posted to the shop by sunday evening (at the latest.)  if there’s an item you’re interested in, send me your email address and i will notify you as soon as it’s available for purchase…that way you can see more pics and get other details and measurements!

and FYI…i actually have several more items to post, but i think i’ll spread it out over the next 3 weeks.  i’ll be sure to let you know beforehand.

ps – if you’d like to take a closer look, just click on the pictures!  also, the magenta secretary dress was not purchased that day.  not sure why i feel the need to tell you that, but i do.



4 thoughts on “etsy update – mild, medium or spicy?

  1. mmmmm…with a margarita!

    row 2, a?

    it’s adorable. love that it has pockets and the little ruffle around the neckline.

    not sure of the exact measurements yet, but i think it’s an xs/s.

    you can’t really tell in the pics, but the bodice is pretty tight.

    i’ll convo you on etsy with measurements, k?

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