happy friday

look what i just bought from j flair goods on etsy…

**j flair goods offers beautiful japanese fabrics, adorable stamps, tape, stickers and MORE to etsy sellers and other creative peeps!  i recommend taking a gander…you won’t be disappointed.**

see the little girl in the corner??  she’s going on the new packaging that i’m working on for the shop!  i’m so excited to go buy all the supplies!

now for the sad news…because i wanted the stamps so badly, i was unable to purchase this darling dress from little ocean annie.  *sigh*  i had visions of tea parties and garden frolicking in this dress…but alas, right now i am on a budget and investing in my shop seemed more important than looking cute.  (please note – you will never hear me say that again.)

oh!  and please go visit her blog…also called little ocean annie.  i look forward to reading her posts, daily.  she’s adorable and funny and so down to earth.  enjoy!

UPDATE (3/1/10) – turns out i’m getting the dress!!  :)


while i have you here…

don’t forget that i’m posting the new items tomorrow on etsy!

it’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow in socal, so what better way to spend a rainy day than indoors, on my computer, with a cup of tea in hand?

i know it’s snowy and cold in other areas, so i thought i’d leave ya’ll with happy thoughts of sun, warm temps and salty ocean water!  (my mom and stepdad were in FL this week and she snapped a pic of this gorgeous sunset.)



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