etsy update – i’m missing millionaire matchmaker…

…good thing i never have to tivo anything on bravo because they replay the F*$K out of their shows.  thanks, bravo!

1.  leather/suede(?) crocheted pullover sweater S/M/L
2.  70s brad whitney corduroy jacket S/M/L
3.  vintage white pocket sweater S/M/L

1.  vintage mustard yellow ethnic tunic S – R E S E R V E D
2.  80’s floral print jumper S
3.  vintage puff sleeve and lace top

1.  vintage batik style mustang tunic S/M
2.  70s lavender and red striped tunic S/M
3.  80’s lily pad cross button collared ascot blouse S/M/L

hi friends!

i hope everyone had a great weekend…i sure did!  in fact, i’m dying to provide you with a weekend post, but the pics are on WrW’s camera and we’ve been too busy and live too far apart to make a quick exchange.  speaking of living too far apart…maybe not for long!!  we’ve actually been looking at places…which means we’re gearing up for a “move-in”!  he found a place that he’s so smitten with…it has wood floors, a big yard, white picket fence…i am not kidding, that’s for REALZ…2 bedroom/2 bath, nice kitchen, i think maybe a fireplace, etc… i’m excited!  hopefully i’ll get to see it tomorrow, as we’re heading to SF on friday morning.  yay!  it’s hands down one of my fave cities.  my son has to do a mission project this year and he chose the san francisco mission.  i’m sure we’ll visit a few museums and stroll around the city, as well.  it’ll be nice to get away.  (and no, i most definitely did NOT persuade him to choose that mission…)  wink wink

anyway, all this busy talk means that i won’t have much time for posts this week, but i’m here, keeping up with my faves and letting ya’ll know that i’ve updated the shop.

see ya!



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