stillness is the move.

last saturday evening, WrW and i had a nice dinner in the city and then headed over to the walt disney concert hall to see the la philharmonic and the DIRTY PROJECTORS!  our seats were great and the entertainment was spectacular.  if you don’t know about the DIRTY PROJECTORS, go right now!  …go listen to their album bitte orca!  my faves are stillness is the move, no intentions, cannibal resource and useful chamber.  on another note, what is it about music that pulls at my heart-strings and makes me so emotional? listening to the la phil in such an amazing venue was heart warming and so much bigger than anything else at that moment…it was so beautiful, i literally teared up a few times!  after the concert we met up with one of WrW’s friends for a couple drinks.  i had a few too many…sunday was rough.  but it was a great weekend. thanks, WrW!

**WrW & PmP**

hat – target
silk calvin klein blazer – thrifted
silk blue blouse – urban outfitters
necklaces – gifts (from rose bowl flea market and urban outfitters)
clutch – nordstrom
skinny jeans – soto, westlake village
shoes – nine west

remember when baby, in dirty dancing had her “i carried a watermelon?!” moment when she met patrick swayze??  well, i kinda had one of those moments on saturday evening…with a celebrity, no less!  as we were walking up to our seats at the concert hall, i had to do a double take when i realized that we had stumbled upon “kelly kapoor” from the office!  two reasons why i couldn’t NOT say something…well, actually, three… a. she’s hysterical, b. the office is one of my fave shows, and c. liquid courage was trying to make a fool out of me.  aaaaaand…liquid courage won.

me:  are you on the office?  (duh)
“kk”:  yeah! (i’m already thinking to myself…i am a dork.  she thinks i’m such a dork.)
me:  i thought so!  your character is SO hysterical!  (real original, paige)
“kk”:  thaaaanks, thanks so much!  (she’s smiling, but i’m not gonna lie, it’s a little awkward)
me:  i mean, i know it’s mainly the writing, but your delivery is priceless.  (what am i doing?? pitching a freaking mastercard commercial??)

i’m willing to bet that i was the only person at that concert who approached her. everyone else probably just admired her from afar, which i think is most likely the “cool” and respectful thing to do in hollywood.  not me though.  i’ll blame it on my midwest roots…it’s possible that there’s still a little star struck girl inside me.  ah well.  who knows??  maybe she was having an off night and i made her feel good with my encouraging compliments.  ha!

this actually reminds me of the time that i was at a comedy show…the “special guest” comedian was about to go on stage, but i had to potty so badly, that i rushed to the women’s restroom.  as i was hurrying back to my seat, i see dane freaking cook sitting in the stairwell, just chillaxin’, texting on his phone.

i said hi and then told him how funny he is….(crickets)

i’m real original.

“i carried a watermelon?!”

ps. did anyone notice that i just did an outfit post??  it’s hard not to get inspired when i follow so many great fashion blogs.



3 thoughts on “stillness is the move.

  1. Yay outfit post! This was all so hilarious! That’s awesome you got to talk to Kelly Kapoor, and whatever if you weren’t cool.

    Aaanndd…I LOVE THE DIRTY PROJECTORS!! So much! How awesome that you do, too!

  2. I love your hat!
    haha I love your celebrity moment … I had one of those at a Dave Matthews concert with one of the cast members from the The Real World Key West … except I basically jumped on him. talk about awkward, but he was so messed up though he probably had no idea what happened haha

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