twinkle twinkle little star…

…how i wonder why you’re not in my closet.


one of each, please…for my spring wardrobe.

and for fall…

(source –

twinkle by wenlan – spring/fall 2010 RTW

i love these collections.

…the whimsical, vibrant colors and patterns.  the chunky knits paired with flowy fabrics.

and those trousers!  oh those trousers.  (i’m a pants girl, so show me a magnificently tailored pair of slacks and i’m IN…like flynn.)  which is why i’m so glad the high waist, tapered leg slacks are in right now.  i’ve searched the thrift stores, but still have yet to find a pair that makes my heart beat faster.  maybe this spring…

what i also adore about this line is the ability to essentially mix and match so many items!  i’m a working girl, which means i need clothing that can be worn several times and in many different variations.  (i.e – most times, i end up mixing work trousers and suits with tops and blouses that i’ve worn to sunday morning brunch…you get what i’m saying…)

casting the working girl persona aside, the colors and patterns of twinkle totally sing to the flirty, foot loose and fancy free girl in me!

the good news…?  without breaking the bank, i can probably sift through my own wardrobe and come up with my own, similar looks.  maybe that’ll be my next project!


this week!

you can expect a shop update, a recap of my FUN mini-vacay to san francisco, and maybe an outfit post…or two.

i’m also brainstorming giveaway ideas, so STAY TUNED.

later gators



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