el sur grande, c a l i f o r n i a

every now and then, we need to decompress…take a breather from it all…say farewell to material items, unnecessary stress…be reminded of the beauty that surrounds us…because at the end of the day, the only things that really matter in this crazy life are the things that we so often take for granted…

last weekend, i had the pleasure of camping in the lovely big sur, ca!  it was quite possibly the most relaxed i’ve felt in months. i spent the weekend enjoying good peeps, great weather, amazing scenery, no stress, no deadlines or appointments, no drama…no worries!

i was able to clear my head and reevaluate things.  it was much-needed.  and as a result, i feel lighter and happier.  yay!

we drove up the coast (pch 1) on friday evening and arrived after midnight. because of the late hour, we decided to sleep in the back of WrW’s car (it’s nearly as big as a tent!)

saturday morning we got up, had breakfast with our pals, set up our tent, and took off on a hike!


the ocean views were gorgeous and the hills/mountains were so green and pretty!

in case you’re wondering (for possible future reference!), we stayed at the fernwood resort.  i highly recommend this place!  the campgrounds are well taken care of and the facilities are really clean.  please note that they also offer tent cabins and regular cabins…for those of you who may be a bit too high maintenance for tent sleeping.  wink wink.

it was pretty pleasant during the day, but early evening brought about gusts of strong, cold winds!  brrrrrrrr

look at me in my wind resistant, down jacket and knit beanie!  glamorous to say the least.  (thanks steph!)

sunday am, WrW and I packed up and hit the road.  the coast is so beautiful…we stopped along the way to explore a bit and take some pics…

(these two should get a room…)

it was such a great weekend…can’t wait to go back!

(ps. we went with two other couples…katie & freddy and molly & sean.  unfortunately, we didn’t get many pics with all of us and the ones i do have, are a tad too dark!)

i’m a nature girl at heart, are you??  do you like camping?  share your stories!


OH!  aaaaaand…we stopped in morro bay for lunch and some thrifting!!  i found some great summer items and can’t wait to share…coming soon!

speaking of thrifing/vintage – i finally posted the new items to the shop.  check it out!



2 thoughts on “el sur grande, c a l i f o r n i a

  1. I loved the pix Thanks for sharing them. Yes, it is beautiful there and yes that wind coming off the ocean can be very cold. I’m glad it was relaxing and refreshing time for you all.

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