i heart turquoise

last night, while i should have been snoozing, i got wrapped up in perusing pictures on we heart it.

you can type in any key word that your little heart desires and voila!…pictures appear for your viewing pleasure.

i searched turquoise and found some lovely and interesting photos.


i would be quite the princess lounging on this fantastic piece of furniture.

succulents!  my favorite plant.

i gotta get this nail polish…perfect for spring!

turquoise AND bows?!  *sigh*

i am in love with this wallpaper…and the typewriter, too.  actually, WrW and i were recently discussing vintage typewriters and how we’d like to own one…i’m officially searching!


i want this to be my turquoise lair.

lovely kitchen!


daydreaming never looked so good.


someday, i wanna be this old couple.  don’t they look thrilled?  nothing surprises them anymore…they’ve seen it all.  not impressed.  ha

*adorable* (not to mention a serious way to injure someone if provoked. bonus.)


(all images collected from we heart it.)

have a happy day!

the weekend is near…



7 thoughts on “i heart turquoise

  1. um, me too. my kitchen is dark brown walls, orange counter top and teal accents. it was like that when i bought it and i’m not changing a thing!

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