i better see a whale today.

among the many many MANY vintage shops on etsy, dear golden vintage is by far one of my faves.

lauren has impeccable taste and finds some of the most spectacular dresses, purses, shoes and other vintage items.  please visit her shop!  you’ll fall in love with her new spring and summer dresses.

she also has a blog!  tune in here.

a few weeks ago, she posted some new items and i immediately zeroed in on one particular piece.  it had to be fate.  and after a 2 minute battle of should i, shouldn’t i?  …i caved in and purchased this ah-mazing vintage necklace…

isn’t it perfect?!  and look!  …it’s turquoise, too.  my fave.

so…here’s how i wore it.

i’ll have you know that the grey, tweed blazer i’m wearing was also a pretty dope find.  it was a bday gift from my pals ashley and steph! they purchased it on…you guessed it…etsy.  from seller cordelia diderot.  it’s a bit too teeny tiny – i can’t lift my arms very high when wearing it and my armpits go numb after 20 mins…but who gives a rat’s ass…that’s what we endure for fashion.  duh.

necklace (that you can’t see in this pic) – dear golden vintage (etsy)
white t-shirt – soto, westlake village ca
grey tweed blazer – cordelia diderot (etsy)
dark skinnies – soto, westlake village ca
boots – penny loves kenny from gilt groupe
purse – nine west (thrifted)

FYI…all photos were taken by WrW at the mission in san francisco.  my son, as a 4th grader, is required to visit one of the california missions.  now he has to write a report on it and build a smaller version.  i have more pictures of that trip, but plan to save them for another post.

now go visit dear golden vintage!!  i’m pretty sure you need a new easter dress.  :)


wait.  one more thing…TGIF!!

today, i have taken the day off to go on a 4th grade whale watching trip with my son.  i’m excited!  i think it’ll be fun.  fingers crossed that i don’t get seasick.  eeek!

tomorrow, WrW is having a massive GARAGE SALE!  yep…he’s moving in with me!  not only that, but the house has new owners and they want WrW and his roommates…out.  sad, but such is life.  moving on and forward is good!  if you live in SOCAL/LA – SILVER LAKE, ECHO PARK AND SURROUNDING AREAS…please come!!  bring your friends!

directions and more information here – GARAGE SALE

have a wonderful weekend!



7 thoughts on “i better see a whale today.

  1. Hi, this is Sarah from the Lipstick List. Thanks for swinging by my blog the other day. You asked about the painting in my photo and I wanted to let you know that it was actually a wedding gift from a college friend! Her name is Caryn Creviston, and she clearly is very talented! I’m not sure that she lists her work anywhere currently, but I’ll let her know that you took note of her work!

    FYI, I’ll soon be combining a couple of blogs with my new website, sarahannnoel.com. It’s not live yet, but you’ll need to update your browser soon to see my posts.

    Love your outfit!

  2. so cool! it’s just way too fun to see something i once had on these internets on someone elses body! you look very cool. thank you for the mega-shout out too!

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