a little help, please!

hello friends!

to show how much i value and appreciate your opinion, i’m offering a chance to win 25% OFF ANY ITEM IN MY SHOP AND A LOVELY VINTAGE SILK SCARF!  (i have many, so you’ll get to choose!) 

to enter, please share your thoughts and provide a little feedback in regards to barefoot & vintage on etsy!  easy.

some fine-tuning is in order…new banner, new photography, new items, etc…are coming soon!

…but i need your help first, so here’s what you can do…

1.  please visit my etsy shop!
2.  check out the photography.  do you prefer outside shots?  inside?  should we lighten them up a bit?  do you prefer the items hung on the wall?  or on me, as the model?   (i’m also considering the purchase of a dress form…)
3.  please leave your feedback as a comment on this post.  provide your email address, as well!
4.  on the evening of wednesday, april 7th i will randomly select a name and notify the winner through email.

GOOD LUCK…and thank you for the support!

have a lovely day!



4 thoughts on “a little help, please!

  1. 1) I know what your shop looks like (^_~)
    2a) Outside shots in natural daylight,*without* flash (with photographer’s back facing the sun)/if for some reason it’s not possible to take good shots outside, take them inside *without* flash, in a naturally well-lit room.
    2b) One photograph showing what the garment looks like on a person (!) + a close-up of the garment (on a hanger)/a dress form is a great alternative for those who cannot/will not model themselves or cannot get a hold of anyone who would want to do it for them.

    A dress form is also a safer way of displaying clothing, because it’s tight & smooth (no lumps or bumps that might turn off/distract potential customers from buying).

    3) Left my e-mail addy (^_~) ♥

    4) Okay! Cheers! ♥

  2. i prefer shots outside, but doesn’t really matter.
    clothes on a person are always better than hung on a wall – it shows shape.

  3. Well! First, great inventory (which I think is the most important thing by far) secondly, reasonable prices (just right) and finally, your clothes on you are WAAAAYYYY more appealing than on the hanger or, in my own opinion, on a dress form. I am always more interested to see how the clothes will move and drape on a real body and it gives me an idea of proportion and fabric weight as well. Dress forms can provide the seller with too much control, and can make buyers weary of the true fit (even if you say that no pinning and perfecting the fit was involved) In regards to outdoor or in, I love the way the light illuminates the clothes in the indoor shots with the dark gray back ground. That said, your shots in the outdoor light with the greenery and flowers show color very well and more detail. I think the green may not contrast enough with some articles, but will look super cute and boho with most things.

  4. – I, personally, really appreciate that you put the clothes on your body to model rather than just hanging them up. Not only does it show your dedication, but I enjoy seeing HOW the items can be worn, not just displayed. It helps me picture how the piece might look on me.
    – I enjoy the photography. I have never had any problems with the pictures. I like that they are versatile – inside and outside in different settings. Again, it helps me picture how the clothes can be worn and where they can be worn. I’ve noticed that you go a good job of wearing clothing in environments that enhance the garment, whether you notice you do this or not ;)
    – I think purchasing a dress form could be nice just to see the clothes in a different way, but it’s not necessarily a better way. Either way, I’ll still browse your shop :)

    (this means I got your email, thanks so much for reminding me!)

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