life happens

i’d like to announce the winner of the giveaway/promo i offered last week…


woo hoo, lady!  congrats!  you win 25% off anything in the shop and a vintage scarf from my collection.

i literally put everyone’s name on a piece of paper, folded them up and put them in my son’s baseball cap.  he proceeded to close his eyes and pick randomly from the hat.  :)

and to all (4 of you who entered)…THANK YOU for your suggestions and feedback.  i really do appreciate it!

in fact, i have “runner-up” giveaways for the other three girls…i’ll be in touch via email.


this past week has been quite a whirlwind of activity!

my son was sick, then i got sick…and the biggest news of all…WrW moved in!!!

yep!  we’re still looking for a house though.  exciting!

i am kinda bummed that i no longer have an obvious excuse for being in silver lake every weekend.  i loved WrW’s house and the fact that we were within walking distance to cafes, lots of vintage shops, great places to eat and all of his wonderful friends.

i mean…LOOK at this house!

as much as i love it though, i love our little “family” even more.  my condo is now a “full house”, complete with son, bf and dog.


anyway, i’m off work tomorrow and hope to do some thrifting!

i’ll be updating the shop with new items soon!



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