nobody gets me but you.

where have i been??  here there and everywhere.  present, but not.  it’s been an interesting couple of weeks, to say the least…

i’ve neglected writing and sharing because, quite frankly, i’ve been tired.  the shop has been really busy (which is awesome!) and that means multiple trips to the post office during the week, nightly wrapping sessions and thank you card drafting…not to mention there’s homework with the little man, walks with the dog, chit chats with the man, tv show watching, etc etc…we’re all busy, i know that, but i gotta be honest…these days, i can’t keep my eyes open past 10pm!  so i feel like i have even less time to get things done!  up until a month or so ago, i considered myself a “night owl”.  i could stay up reading or blogging or freakishly rearranging my closet until 1am!  not so much anymore.

oh and remember…the bf moved in!  and although we’re happy, it’s been stressful.  not necessarily “what were we thinking?!” stressful, but more like, “wow, i’m living with someone.  i haven’t shared my space with another adult in probably 6 years. what now?”  yeah…it’s more like that.  and as i’ve mentioned, we’ve been house hunting.  do we, don’t we?  what’s best for our relationship? should we keep having fun and push the major responsibilities aside for as long as possible?  travel, go to concerts, get to know each other’s friends and family, experience life without combined bills/rent, wrongly folded towels, and annoying forks that are all of a sudden prong-side up in the dishwasher?  know what i mean?  why rush it?  what’s the rush? for the first time in my life, as far as relationships are concerned, i don’t want to rush.  i just want to enjoy.  i know he’s the one for me, so knowing what lies ahead for us, i want to revel in the simplicity and warmth of a new relationship for as long as possible…because i think it will only strengthen us in the long run…

so, things were kinda chaotic for a while there…but we’ve come to a nice halfway point in the road.  we’re moving forward and doing what’s best for our relationship and i feel so good about it!  yay!

okay, now that i’ve gotten those thoughts off my chest…

join me on TWITTER, please!!  i don’t tweet like a maniac, but i will chirp about new items.  so if you don’t read my blog on a regular basis, befriending me on twitter might be a better way to keep up to date on new items, new posts and sales/discounts!!

the name is kinda wonky because i couldn’t fit it all in (thanks a lot twitter.  grrrrrrr)…

barefootnvintag (see what i mean!?)

come find me!!  please!

also this week…i have a “how she wore it” post coming up!  probably tomorrow, so stay tuned….

and please come visit the shop if you haven’t in a while…i have some good spring/summer items waiting to be snatched up!  ;)

i must get going.  WrW and i recently discovered LOST and we’re obsessed.  we’re on season 1, episode 8.  i’m hooked!


ps.  the blog title is a spoon song.  the album – transference.  love love love.


2 thoughts on “nobody gets me but you.

  1. Congrats on all the wonderful things happening in your life right now!
    Your plate may be full, but with so much love and excitement it is well worth it!

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