how she wore it – christina

it wasn’t too long ago that i started blogging and eventually opened the barefoot & vintage shop on etsy!  in the beginning, i had many questions…how do i determine shipping prices?  what’s the best way to network?  how do i get noticed??  so, i sent convos (etsy speak for email) to a few of my fave sellers to get some answers.  in a sea of girls who couldn’t be bothered to help a sista out…one girl in particular not only gave me the time of day, but she offered helpful information.


christina helped me out tremendously!  not only did i get the answers i had been searching for, but i made a new a friend!  we ended up chit chatting through emails – learning about each other’s families, where we’re from, our thoughts about the blogging world, etc etc.  in fact, she ended up being one of my first customers!

christina took this otherwise boring (but cute!) tunic/dress and made it adorably boho-chic.  for more photos, click here

a little info about christina:  she has an awesome fashion/style blog, called second skin, where she shares her latest vintage finds and the amazing outfits she so effortlessly throws together.  this girl has incredible style and confidence to boot!  oh!  and she has an etsy shop, as well…check it out!

you may remember that i offered a small promotion a few weeks back.  only four girls entered and christina happened to be one of them.  she ended up winning 25% off any item in the shop and a vintage scarf in my collection!  (sorry, christina!  it’s coming soon…i promise!)

she quickly took me up on the offer and here is the dress she purchased…

this sexy little halter dress was found, by yours truly, at the rose bowl flea market in pasadena, ca.

here’s how she wore it!  more pictures here

christina, thank you so much for shopping at barefoot & vintage!  i’m glad you like your dresses!  more importantly, i’d like to thank you for your support and feeback…and for always being friendly!



4 thoughts on “how she wore it – christina

  1. Oh my goodness Paige! This is such a sweet post! I am so happy you did ask me for help and we are now friends! You have such a great eye for vintage and style and are so funny and cool! Thank you so much!

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