i want – wedges, sandals, clogs

work, shmirk!  there are a million other things i could be doing right now.  liiiiiiike…lounging on the couch, catching up on real housewives of nyc.  or shopping.  or going for a run.  or working on barefoot & vintage-related things.  see?  a million.

yay, it’s friday!  in less than 5 hours i will be off work.  i will go for a run and then i’m going to nordstrom to do some shopping!  i still have a gift card from my bday and i’m ready to spend it.  i’ve been doing research to find the perfect pair of cork/platform/wedge/clog-type sandal.  i want something comfy so i can wear it all summer long, for hours at a time – with dresses, skirts and shorts.  but they also have to look cute (duh).  here are the options i’m considering:

kork-ease ‘bette’ wedge sandal

franco sarto ‘focus’ wedge sandal

UGG® australia ‘oliana’ sandal

KORS michael kors ‘kingston’ sandal
**man, do i WISH.  unfortunately, my budget does not.

BP. ‘geneva’ platform sandal
**cute, but because they’re inexpensive…they may not be that comfortable.  not only that, but can you imagine me traipsing around LA on a hot summer day in these frankenstein shoes??  maybe.  if you want a good laugh.

 jeffrey campbell ‘splendid’ sandal
**wow wow WOW.  yes, please.

miz mooz ‘hazel’ sandal

okay, so out of those (minus the kors.  sad face), i should be able to find the perfect pair of summer sandals.  at this point, it’s obviously just a matter of fit and how they look in person.  and if i can walk in them.

which pair(s) do YOU like??

happy friday, btw!  have a great weekend!




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