the tale of an unexpected outfit post.

girl finds awesome bruce lee, mustard yellow, “vintage” t-shirt.  girl puts together this little outfit to sell said t-shirt in her etsy shop.  girl actually kinda likes this outfit and is thinking that maybe she should keep it and wear this get-up to a summer concert.  girl battles in her mind about whether or not to keep it.  girl takes shirt off, looks at the tag and sees…2005.

not vintage!  woot woot!

WrW and i have several concerts lined up this summer…peter gabriel, sting, kings of leon, tom petty, phoenix, grizzly bear, beach house, vampire weekend and maybe one or two others.  (the bf is a concert mad man!)  i think i’ll probably wear this outfit to one of them!  don’t you think this is a good concert outfit?  i do.

the blazer is definitely vintage.  no doubts about it.  it’s going in the shop.  however, it just dawned on me that it kinda completes the outfit, so maybe i should keep it for awhile, too?  hmmmmm…decisions, decisions.

i hope everyone is having a nice weekend!  sad that it’s almost over.  however!  WrW and i are off to the walt disney concert hall to see the la philharmonic this evening.  we have to get dressed up…i’m excited!

ps.  i went to nordstrom to try on all those shoes and guess what?!  they didn’t have a single pair!  i am so bummed.  i’m gonna have to call every nordies within a reasonable driving distance to see if they have them.  grrrrrr.  oh well, just another sacrifice we make for fashion.  wink wink

new items coming this week…stay tuned!




2 thoughts on “hiiieeeeeeeYA

  1. So happy you are keeping that shirt! Perfect for a summer concert!! I love it when you have to just keep the darn thing since its too new! Score! And you are right, your blazer kicks ass. Oh, god and your forecast for this week is KILLING ME! You have some good shit girl!

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