little bits of me.

i have been inspired, by color me katie, to do an “about me” post…


1.  i am an only child.  i had to learn, rather quickly, how to entertain myself.  which is probably why i’m often detached, independent, sensitive and needy…all at the same time.

2.  due to #1 – i had an imaginary friend named lopley.  last time i talked to her was right before i accidentally left her at a store.  no joke…this is a true story.  i wanted my grandmother to drive back and get her….no such luck.

3.  one of my biggest pet peeves is when people leave their shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot…or with the wheels hooked over a curb.  are you really that busy and/or lazy??  can’t you at the very least put the cart in it’s designated area??  not to sound holier than thou, but i always, always, ALWAYS put my cart away.  and i have been rewarded accordingly.

4.  i wash my face every night and every morning.  no.matter.what.  even if it’s 2am and i’m drunk as a skunk…i manage to stumble to the sink.  i may forget to brush my teeth, but i’ll most definitely wash my face.  (only when i’m drunk might i forget to brush my teeth.  certainly not on a normal basis!)

5.  i had a water-bed when i was in high school.  it was so dope.

6.  i often eat cereal for dinner.

7.  i snort when i laugh.

8.  when i was younger i had a MAD crush on mr swayze.  like…i was obsessed.  i had tiger beat posters of him all over my bedroom walls.  in fact, i had so many posters of him that when i changed my clothing, i turned away so he couldn’t see…  see what?!  my nonexistent, 8-year-old breasts??  not only that, but he was a piece of paper…not a real man.  (wow, did i have an imagination when i was younger!)

9.  when i was a wee little girl, i sucked my thumb and twirled my hair.  but because i didn’t have hair until i was 2, i used to twirl everyone else’s.  to this very day, i’m known to play with and twirl my hair.  i do it mostly when i’m tired or bored.

10.  i love love love being a mommy.  we are two peas in a pod.  :)

thanks for letting me share…there’s more where that came from, but i’ll save it for a rainy day.



*all images found on weheartit.  except the last photo*


4 thoughts on “little bits of me.

  1. You are so cute! This was so nice to read and to know more about you. Of course, i’ll find out more over drink next month!
    Oh and it’s always my “job” to put our cart away when we’re shopping. I think that job was assigned to me by Josh on a cold rainy day.

  2. hi! christina (second skin) told me about you so i visited your blog and immediately loved it. this was a fun post to read! i eat cereal for dinner all the time. it’s one of my favorite foods. i have eaten it for five meals in a row more than once (yep, that would be a day and a half of nothing to eat but cereal). anyway, love your blog!

  3. what a great idea!
    I love little tidbits like these about other people.
    (probably explains why I switched back and forth between psych & journalism so much.)
    I’m with you on the shopping cart thing – that is pure bullshit. I’m sorry but I had to say it. ;)

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