granny pantalones

happy cinco de mayo!

i took 4 years of espanol in high school…yet the only time i can speak fluent spanish is when i’m slightly inebriated.


my family and i took a trip to cabo san lucas a few years ago…one day we spent an entire afternoon drinking beer and margs.  by 4pm, i was speaking fluent spanish to a local.  let me rephrase…I thought i was speaking spanish.

anyway, i recently sold the pants in this outfit post.  (yay!)  however, i really like them and seriously considered keeping them for myself.

they are the most amazing granny cords.  complete with high waist and deep pockets.  (you know…to keep tissues, coupons, hard candies and whatnot in close proximity…cause grannies are always prepared like that.)

they were a little too high for me, so i ended up folding down the waist band.  but other than that…these are great and i hope the new girl loves them as much as i do/did.

the bf is happy that i sold the pantalones.  he said they look too 80s.  i don’t know why that’s a bad thing.  i freaking LOVE the 80s!

…but i love him more.

so i’ll try to keep the acid wash, fringe and tight rolling to a minimum.

now let’s get down to business!

i’ll be adding a few new items to the shop this week!  an adorable straw weaved clutch, a black and white checkered blazer, a pair of cute sandals and maybe a few other things!  i have tons of clothes in my inventory, but we didn’t have time last weekend to take photos.  so stay tuned for more dresses and things in the weeks to come!

on a more personal, pat myself on the back, note…christina from second skin bought another dress from the shop and she posted it on her blog.  check it out!

that’s all for now…

come visit the shop!

…and follow me on twitter!  (barefootnvintag)


pagina (pa-hee-na)


4 thoughts on “granny pantalones

  1. i love those pants! very disappointed that i didn’t discover them first. i’m all about high waisted 70s-80s. they were the golden years.
    my husband grew up in bolivia and so he does speak fluent spanish. when we go to hispanic-type places and he strikes up a convo with someone, they start looking at me like i have a clue as to what’s being said. i just smile and nod.

  2. kate…yay! glad to hear it. i’m going to do your “how she wore it” this week. maybe tonight!

    amanda…i love them too. the 70’s are my fave. haha! too funny about the smile and nod. i think that’s what the “locals” were doing when i thought i was speaking perfect spanish to them. :)

  3. Hi:)

    Thank you so much for finding the time to leave me a comment. It means a lot:)

    I love your style so much, and you seem so cute.
    It’s so nice to be appreciated by such a stylish lady.

    I hope you have a great day

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