etsy preview!

1.  vintage black & white checkered blazer
2.  white cobbie cuddler sandals
3.  vintage joseph magnin mod yellow dress
4.  robinson’s red straw-weaved clutch

couple things about the next few items…

*i apologize for the bad lighting.  i’m not the best photographer.  :/
*a few of these items are too big for me, so i opted to hang them on the wall and add an accessory or two.  not my usual protocol, but hopefully you can still see the potential.
*there’s really no fluidity or cohesiveness … i’m just trying to clean out the ‘ol vintage closet.

vintage albert nipon black dress
(with adorable front pocket and gold buttons!)

olive and mustard yellow shift dress

1.  vintage bergdorf goodman givenchy navy dress
(with gold detailed trim and buttons!)
2.  lace flutter sleeve bathing suit cover up
(so adorable and light weight…perfect for a day at the beach!)
**and this fits me, it’s just that i didn’t feel much like being photographed in my bikini.

**accessories not included**

i hope to have all of these items in the shop by saturday afternoon.

if you follow me on TWITTER, you’ll know exactly when one of these items is available for purchase!  however, if you would like to reserve an item now, let me know!

have a lovely thursday…the weekend is right around the corner!  yay!




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