rewarding myself.

i used to be a shopaholic.  and not the thrifty type.  more like the “omg.  i have to have that blouse/shirt/skirt/jeans/shoes/face cream/diamond encrusted bra!  no matter what the price…i have to have it!” type.  $120 later, i was eating pickles and mac n cheese for bfast lunch and dinner, because going to the grocery store wasn’t an option.  but at least my ass looked great in those new sevens.

(okay, so i’m exaggerating about the bra and not having enough $$ for groceries.  you get the point.)

now that i’m older and wiser (read:  30 years old), other things are more important…like paying for cable (because spongebob squarepants and real housewives of any county on the planet are staples in our household), electricity, food, target runs for the essentials, school supplies, gas in the car, etc etc.  not to mention setting aside funds for nights out with the girls, concerts, movies, etc.

so where does that leave wardrobe shopping??  at the bottom.  actually, i lied.  i do a lot of shopping, but it’s for barefoot & vintage, and i’m not really shopping for my own wardrobe…i’m shopping for yours.  (aren’t i a good friend??)  so, even though i’m out there, thrifting it up, i rarely purchase items for myself.

what i’ve managed to do over the last year though, is buy some great staples…skinny jeans, leggings, cardigans, belts, t-shirts…things like that.  and since i’ve been following SO many great thrifty/style blogs (second skin, dirty hair halo, kendi everyday, leproust vintage, little ocean annieoff of broadway and kennedy holmes – just to name a few!) i’ve found it so much easier to “shop my closet” so to speak.  i’ve mixed and matched items that i haven’t worn in AGES.  it’s been fun and it rarely costs me a dime these days.  woot!

with that being said, i felt it was about time to reward myself.

but ONLY because barefoot & vintage has been doing really, really well and i kinda have a lot of you to thank for that!  so, would you like to see my recent purchases??

french navy top from modcloth

this adorable skirt from second skin style 

vintage 1970s little girl lost necklace from dear golden vintage

i also purchased a pink lace cami and owl necklace from tulle.  once a month, tulle has an ah-mazing one day sale.  i got both of those items, plus shipping, for a whopping $14!!

so, while i didn’t splurge in a huge way, i still bought a few items that i’m in love with and plan to have in my closet for a long time.  plus!  all of them can be worn throughout the year.  yay me!

alright friends…it’s almost time to start the weekend.  happy mother’s day to all you mamacitas out there!  have a great one.





3 thoughts on “rewarding myself.

  1. you are so super sweet to mention me :) anyway, enough about me….i totally think you deserve to splurge a bit on stuff especially when it’s all as cute as what you’ve shown! can’t wait to see you in that adorable striped shirt and the skirt from christina! i hope you have a great mother’s day! and i completely get the importance of spongebob. he’s a daily visitor in our house too :)

  2. You are so sweet and freaking hilarious! I have always been like “Who in the hell buys those diamond bras anyways?” and now I know. :) In any case, I think your choices are fantastic (if I do say so myself. . . snicker!) That top is especially cool and classic. Such a coincidence that I just bought my first modcloth thing too. I really didn’t even need to reward myself! Oh well! I hope to see a very lovely outfit post of you soon! Happy mothers day weekend!

  3. Yay for you! It’s nice to give yourself a little reward once in a while, especially for something exciting like your shop being awesome! You picked awesome stuff that you’re sure to be wearing for a while! and that necklace…how precious!

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