i’m a mom.

remember this skirt?  i bought it from second skin last week and got it just in time for mother’s day.  (thanks christina!)

i tried it with everything.

first, i wore it as a skirt with a white t and a yellow cardigan.  it was way too bright and i kinda felt like i was going to a tea party…then my stepmom said, “wow, aren’t you dressed up!”

i know her intentions were good, but it wasn’t what i wanted to hear.  and it confirmed the whole tea party feeling.

on to the next…

i then swapped the yellow cardigan for a black one and added black textured tights and a pair of brown boots.

WrW liked it and i did, too…until i decided it just didn’t look right and i felt kinda stupid.  and we all know that if you don’t feel good in an outfit it won’t translate well…and ultimately…you won’t pull it off.

right before we left for the flea market, i ran upstairs, ripped off the boots and tights, made a few adjustments and additions and ended up with this…

dark skinny jeans and sandals.

perfect for the flea market on a sunny, but kinda windy and chilly day.  don’t ya think?

when i left the house, i felt good about it.  but more importantly, i was comfortable.  mission accomplished!

the flea market was a big success!  i went home with 8 new dresses for the shop and a few things for myself.

taylor even found antique slides for his microscope!  so cool.

afterwards, we had salad and pizza at a great little italian place.

awwww…little man kisses are the best!  (and he’s even carrying my purse!  i know, i know…it doesn’t go with my outfit.  but it goes with his and since he was carrying it, i am exempt from any fashion faux pas i may have committed.)

i had a perfect mother’s day!  and if you’re a mama, i hope you did too!




7 thoughts on “i’m a mom.

  1. so adorable! love how you wore the skirt as a shirt. i have a skirt i might try that with. you don’t mind if i steal your idea, do you?

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