look at me, i’m fancy!

i have a new banner!!

do you like it?

my friend lindsay made it for me.  (thanks linz!!!)

i also added it to the shop.

if you’ve purchased from barefoot & vintage, you’ll notice that the little girl in the banner is the same little girl that i stamp on the packaging!

now my blog feels complete.

(the foot in the bathtub just wasn’t cutting it anymore.  i know you’re going to miss it, so if you’d like your own copy, i can send it to you via email….just sayin.)

i’d like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all of my readers and new friends.  i’m still relatively new to the lifestyle/fashion blogging world, but i’ve already managed to make solid connections with great girls.  we’re all supportive, helpful, encouraging and positive.

with that being said, i know that i have several visitors on a daily basis, yet i never hear from you!

if you stop by my blog, feel free to leave a comment…even if it’s just to say “hi!”  i love meeting new people in the blogging community and i wanna hear your thoughts and opinions.

again, thanks for stopping by and tuning in!

happy hump day.



ps.  i’ll be trying out different themes and background colors and whatnot, so bear with me…you’ll be seeing some changes around here.  (like i think maybe the type in the banner should be bigger…what do you think??)


6 thoughts on “look at me, i’m fancy!

  1. Yeah! I love the banner! I love the name sitting on the horizon and the little girl looking toward it! Great job Linz!! And congrats to you Paige! Looking good girl!

  2. i love the new banner! it’s so cute and vintage-y. your friend did a great job with it. i should probably do something cool for mine too. all you guys and your fancy new banners and stuff are making me feel like i should get with the program and stop being lazy!

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