i’m moving, i’m moving!

my 9 year old directed yesterday afternoon’s “photo shoot”…

because WrW wasn’t around, i asked taylor if he would snap a few photos of me.  not only did he agree, but he got really into it.  he was telling me where to stand, to move if i was in the sun too much, to smile more, etc…

and then he started telling me to “move” after every click of the shutter.  it was so flippin’ cute!

anyway, i wore this outfit to work yesterday.

i was particularly inspired by kate of twinkle toes and gold dangles.

thanks, kate!

when i first started my job, i tried to be really professional…meaning, i wore suits.

i hate suits.

pretty soon, suits turned into nice dress pants with pretty tops or the occasional printed wrap dress.

then i started to incorporate shirts, blouses and vests from urban outfitters and other non-work related clothing stores.

once i started thrifting and buying vintage…it was all over.  i’m often seen wearing a dress from the 60s, wider hemmed pants with a ruffle blouse, etc…

which can only mean one thing…

comments from the coworkers.

yesterday’s outfit brought on a plethora.

“you look like a cowgirl!  where are your boots??”
“oh look!  it’s the sunshine farms girl!”
“that’s a very 50s look”
“i think i had that skirt in the 70s!”

you have to understand that most of the people in my office stick with suits and pencil skirts.  and usually, the colors are very basic…red, black, white, gray…with the occasional splash of green or blue.

so, maybe i’m the “daring” one in the office.

or maybe i’m just the freak show.

either way, i’m okay with it.  i think if my coworkers stopped talking about me…i’d be kinda bummed.  ;)

do you get shit from your coworkers about your wardrobe??

i’d love to hear some stories or great comments!

like this skirt??  it’s for sale in the shop.  see more information and photos, here!

hope you’re having a fabulous thursday!

ps…not to brag, but today is my friday!  woot woot.  i’m headed to palm springs tomorrow for sunshine, relaxation with the man, yummy cocktails and good eats.



***update***  i forgot to mention that the shirt i’m wearing was purchased at the flea market for $2…$2!!  the label is the old school gap label, but i think it was just a more recent throwback…i was gonna sell it, but i’m not 100% sure it’s really gap from 1969.  it’s a men’s shirt though…that i know.  and the skirt…well you know about it…it’s in the shop!!  click on the link above if you’re interested.


12 thoughts on “i’m moving, i’m moving!

  1. Taylor did a better job than me! Wow, it looks like I might be out of a job, uhh! Guess photography was never my bag. -WrW

  2. dopeness as usual Paige. I may not need to follow every outfit, but i just “liked” your page on Stumble. Now hopefully other Stumblers on Firefox interested in surfing, organic gardening and stock investing will find your site! :)

    • thanks, harv! you are kinda one of the girls (omg, totally!), so it wouldn’t surprise me THAT much if you followed every outfit. i’m hoping my reader stats go up because of your “stumbling”…what with all the heterosexual men out there who appreciate vintage, surf gnarly waves and plant their own gardens. ;)

  3. you’ve got a great little photog there! how cool is that! and yes i do love that skirt. i may need to see what size it is. and about comments, since my job is my own vintage store, i don’t get any strange comments on what i wear, i think most people get it when they come in my shop. but my family makes comments all the time! my brother wanted me to strike a charlie’s angels pose so he could take a picture of it. and i do occasionally get strange glances at church and walmart but whatever. i’m getting used to it. however, i think most of them are just jealous! at least that’s what i keep telling myself.

  4. GREAT PHOTOS!! Wow!! He did a really good job and you look absolutely amazing! Love love love! Now I think you found your solution to your whole outfit post dilemma! Son’s love to take pics of their mommies! (especially such a pretty momma as you!) This outfit is incredible! I love the shirt colors and pattern with that skirt! So pretty! I am sorry your co workers give you so much shit, but they just think you are adorable and wish they had the guts to dress in a fun way! Keep it up and soon they will be asking you for styling help! (I have seen the pattern!) Have a gloriously warm and relaxing weekend in PS! Talk to you next week!

  5. Wow! This new header etc. is so fancy!! It looks awesome!
    And, love the outfit. P.S. I think we are shooting the fab sweater for some promo lifestyle shots… I will send a pic over when I have one!!
    Have a good weekend!

  6. I got my dress, I got my dress! I am SOOOOO in love with it! You are too kind! I actually wore it for a little blogger meetup today, so you will see it on the blog this week! :)

    I think that is SUCH a cute work outfit! People on the street have actually given me crap for what I have worn before!! You are rockin this outfit out…no need to please co-workers!

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