palm springs – part one

nothing makes me happier than getting out of my town.  especially with the man.  who doesn’t love taking off and leaving any and all worries behind?!

last weekend, i took friday off and we embarked on a short road trip to palm springs, ca.  otherwise known as…the desert.  it’s hot there, people!  but so fun.  great resorts, places to eat, shopping.  basically, you end up spending the day at the hotel/resort pool…where cabana boys and girls bring you drinks and food all day long.

at night, most peeps are found cruising the town or hanging out at a swanky hotel lounge or bar.

in fact, palm desert (which is probably a 20 minute drive up the road from palm springs) is a well known bachelor/bachelorette party destination!

we stayed at the riviera resort and spa.  originally, we were supposed to stay there during coachella weekend.  however, the hotel staff notified us that a PR company had basically taken over the entire hotel and we had two options – either we forfeit and choose another weekend OR we stay at the hotel, but only have access to certain areas of the resort…unless we wanted to pay $200!  for access to the pool and what else??  celebrities??  the bands??  who the hell was staying there??  anyway…

we chose another weekend.

once we arrived, late friday afternoon, we got acquainted with the hotel (very trendy, kinda gaudy), changed for dinner and took a walk to the main drag.

WrW got a few pics of me in our room.  check out marilyn on the wall!

i’m wearing a romper…can’t get enough of em…short, long…gimmie gimmie!

it’s not vintage though.  bummer.

even later in the evening, it was sooo nice outside!

we ended up at a great mexican restaurant…we indulged in margaritas, chips and salsa and guacamole!

more pics coming soon…



ps – i accidentally hit PUBLISH before i was ready to post!!  anyway, the cab driver on friday night offered this interesting information about our hotel…

1.  there’s a lot of drug traffic-ing (is that a word??)
2.  the woman who owns the hotel is the richest woman in palm springs.

and randomly – 3.  usually white people don’t own liquor stores.  (he really did say that.)


4 thoughts on “palm springs – part one

  1. that all sounds so heavenly! i want to get away!! and to some place hot, where i can lay around the pool and have cabana folks bring me drinks all day long. i am certain there is no greater luxury. you look fab in your romper! i truly believe that’s all i should be wearing. there’s a reason we put babies in them for the first year of their lives, they are so darn comfy!

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